CS2 care package

Everything you need to know about CS2 weekly care package

By Olivia Richman


Sep 29, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Counter-Strike 2 is offering a weekly care package but some players are new to the system and unsure what this really means. Here’s how to get your weekly care package in CS2.

The CS2 weekly care package is simply a reward for leveling up. You’ll receive it after you complete a match and level up. You’ll be given four options — which range from crates to skins to sprays — and you can choose two.

What should I pick in the CS2 weekly care package?

The previous reward system gave players a random item but in Counter-Strike 2 you’ll be allowed to pick from a small list of options. The best option will almost always be the crates, although you may come across a common skin you like once in a while.

CS2 Weekly Care Package

How many care packages can I get in a week?

You will receive a care package every time you gain a level in Counter-Strike 2. You’ll most likely be able to level up twice per week, meaning two chances at getting all four items in the weekly care package.

The weekly reset is every Tuesday evening. That’s when the weekly XP bonuses are reset. This means you’ll have from Tuesday to Tuesday to grind various game modes to get the extra two items you didn’t pick the first time.