Wolf Among us 2

Everything we know about The Wolf Among Us 2, release date, plot

By Olivia Richman


Jan 11, 2023

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Fans of choose-your-own mystery drama games have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Wolf Among Us 2. After The Game Awards, more details were finally revealed about this graphic novel-style thriller.

The Wolf Among Us was a graphic adventure game that had players controlling protagonist Bigby Wolf as he investigated murders in a fairytale-inspired town. Players could explore a variety of locations, finding objects and characters to interact with. The decisions players made, including chosen dialogue, would change the outcome of the game as well as how characters viewed Bigby. There were also quick time event scenes that had players pressing corresponding buttons quick enough to solve something or chase down a suspect.

The Wolf Among Us was set in 1986, with magical creatures escaping to Fabletown to get away from a tyrant known as Adversary. Fabletown is now Manhattan and non-humans must use an enchantment to appear human to avoid being relocated from the city. It’s quite the interesting tale, which is why players have been hoping for more.

But when Telltale Games shut down in 2018, some fans lost hope.

When is The Wolf Among Us 2 coming out?

The sequel to The Wolf Among Us was announced in 2017. The initial release date was 2019 but the studio was shut down. But that year, gamers were stunned when a trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 was shown at The Game Awards 2019.

Still, fans were skeptical. LCG Entertainment had to essentially start the project from scratch since Telltale’s work would not be a part of the game going forward. This time around, The Wolf Among Us 2 was being built using Unreal Engine instead of the Telltale Tool. With these various setbacks, The Wolf Among Us 2 was delayed several times.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is now set to come out in 2023 but there is no specific release date.

What is the story of The Wolf Among Us 2?

CEO of LCG Entertainment Jamie Ottilie recently spoke with Edge Magazine about the direction of The Wolf Among Us 2. According to Ottilie, the story will stand out on its own, putting familiar characters in an entirely new situation. Players won’t have to have played the first game to jump into the sequel.

In The Wolf Among Us 2, Snow White has become Deputy Mayor of Fabletown. Sheriff Bigby Wolf is taking anger management classes and is going through an internal crisis.

The most recent trailer starts by bringing up an “incident.” Bigby appears to be following someone through a seedy neighborhood on a rainy, dark night. He comes face to face with a scarecrow and the situation “didn’t go as planned.” The anger management class therapist asks Bigby how he controls his anger as a flashback shows him turning into a werewolf.

Where can you play The Wolf Among Us 2?

The mysterious game will release episodes on the PC via the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox 1. All of the episodes will be complete before they are individually released to players. It’s currently unclear how many episodes there will be.


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