Everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI

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The release date for Final Fantasy XVI is close and the game promises to be a mix of old and new.

After middling reception for Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix is revisiting the series’ roots with the next installment. Final Fantasy XVI will return to the classic medieval fantasy setting of previous games while also officially switching over its genre to action RPG.

With just a few months left to wait, here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI, from release date to story info to collector’s editions.

The official release date for Final Fantasy XVI

The planned release date for Final Fantasy XVI is June 22, 2023.

Developer Square Enix announced the release date in a trailer at The Game Awards in December of last year. It’s already fairly close to release, so it’s unlikely that there will be any delays. This release date is much closer to the game’s announcement than previous series entries, with FF16 being revealed in September 2020. Compared to FF15’s extreme decade-long development cycle, it’s a very quick turnaround.

In a notable break from the series’ tradition, Final Fantasy XVI will be a pure action RPG more similar to Elden RIng than the series’ turn-based roots. Long-time fans of the series likely saw this change coming, with FF15 arguably already being an ARPG.

However, the game will not use the same open-world system, and the setting is more similar to the traditional medieval-inspired worlds of earlier entries.

All about the story for FF16

The story for FF XVI will center around the land of Valisthea, where magic is an everyday commodity. However, the mysterious Mothercrystals that fuel it are slowly burning out due to some kind of infection known as the Blight. This is the driving force behind conflict for each of the six realms, which each hold control over a Mothercrystal. As magic wanes, the kingdoms now fight to secure resources in a changing world.

Dominants will also play a major role in the story of FFXVI. These characters each control an Eikon, a sort of powerful manifestation of a Mothercrystal. Some Dominants are the leaders of their nations while others are treated as slaves or executed at birth. Each one controls an iconic Final Fantasy summon, including Bahamut, Ifrit, Odin, and Phoenix.

FF XVI Clive

The player character is Clive Rosfield, the oldest son of Rosaria’s ruling family. His initial goal is to protect his younger brother, who happens to be the Dominant of Pheonix. He’s joined by several characters from all over Valisthea, including a wolf and, as is tradition, a guy named Cid.

Everything in the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition

FF XVI will be available in three different physical editions, with a flagship Collector’s Edition currently on pre-order for $349.99.

The flashiest edition of the game comes with tons of merchandise, including a cloth map, steelbook game case, digital art and music collections, and a set of metal pins depicting the Eikons. The real draw is a massive statue depicting a battle between Pheonix and Ifrit, an event which seems to kickstart the game’s plot. A cheaper Deluxe Edition includes the steelbook and map for $99.99.

FF XVI Collector's Edition

There will be two digital editions for FF XVI. The standard version of the game will cost $69.99, with an upgraded Digital Deluxe version up for $89.99. The more expensive option comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack that is otherwise exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.


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