Final Fantasy XVI

New Final Fantasy XVI trailer reveals release date and more

By Nicholas James


Dec 8, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A trailer dropped for the next game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI, and fans are excited about the details contained within it.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI called “Revenge” debuted at the 2022 Game Awards, showing off plenty of new exciting features for the latest installation in the famous game franchise. This trailer isn’t the first peek fans have had at the new game and its world, but it was stuffed full of details for fans to unpack.

Final Fantasy XVI trailer shows off frenetic combat

As the next installment in the main Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy is leaning more into the traditionally-fantasy aesthetic and world of some of its predecessors. Despite its similarities, the new gameplay seems energetic and quick. Massive battles between enormous monsters dominate the trailer, as does what seems to be a much more rapid and real-time approach to combat than older games, closer to a fast-paced brawler than a crawling strategy affair.

The story seems to be focused on individual tragedy and a story of revenge, set against the high-fantasy backdrop of the kingdom of Valisthea. At the same time, huge battles are depicted, being broken apart by powerful magic. Monster after monster is depicted, with the main character, Clive Rosfield, summoning an enormous demon-like being that seems to be Ifrit, an Astral, and the god of fire, that makes regular appearances in the Final Fantasy games. The implication is that Clive will become the Dominant of Ifrit and suffer a partially-symbiotic, partially-parasitic relationship with the incredibly powerful Astral as he seeks revenge. It seems that Clive’s younger brother, Joshua, will likely be killed or kidnapped in the opening of the game, setting Clive on a journey for revenge.

Final Fantasy XVI will launch on Playstation 5 on June 22, 2023, and is available for preorder now.


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