Deadpool 3

Everything we know about Deadpool 3 — Hugh Jackman, rating, plot

By Olivia Richman


Jul 12, 2023

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Deadpool 3 is now under a year away. As the comedic superhero film approaches, we’ve learned more and more about the cast, plot, and everything in between. Here’s what we know so far about Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 is the first crossover between Fox’s X-Men movie universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For this reason, superhero fans have been hearing a lot of talk about Hugh Jackman being involved. Here’s what’s been going on in Hollywood leading up to the violent mayhem.

When is Deadpool 3 coming out?

The release date for Deadpool 3 is currently May 3, 2024. This is when it will hit theaters across the United States. Some theaters may have earlier premiers, especially in larger cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

Confirmed cast for Deadpool 3

This will mark the third time that Ryan Reynolds will don the skintight suit as Wade Wilson. Reynolds is responsible for making the quirky wall-breaking hero come to life, and fans are already anticipating some hilarious scenes and one-liners.

He will be joined by:

  • Morena Baccarin as Wade’s fiancée Vanessa
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • Leslie Uggams as Blind Al
  • Karan Soni as Dopinder
  • Shioli Kutsuna as Yukio
  • Rob Delaney as Peter
  • Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus
  • Jennifer Garner as Elektra

Is Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3?

Back in the fall of 2022, Reynolds took to Twitter to talk about the movie. In it, Jackman was seen walking behind him. Reynolds asks if he wants to play Wolverine “one more time.” In response, Jackman says, “sure.”

While very nonchalant, this was actually a confirmation that Jackman is, indeed, in Deadpool 3. The two have appeared in videos together since this first announcement. There are also images of Jackman donning a Wolverine costume that looks right out of the comics, shared by the official Twitter account for the movie.

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Is there a trailer for Deadpool 3?

As of right now, no. Deadpool 3 still has no official trailer or poster. Marvel fans will have to wait a bit longer for that.

What is the plot?

Unfortunately, this is yet another mystery. The plot has not been revealed just yet, although it’s been confirmed that Deadpool 3 is part of the MCU. This means you’ll probably see cameos by some popular heroes and get more multiverse action (for better or worse).

What will it be rated?

Fans of the potty-mouthed anti-hero were a bit concerned when it was announced that Deadpool 3 would be part of the MCU, which is owned by Disney. Would Disney’s involvement mean that the film would no longer be Rated R like the previous two in the series?

Right now, the film is still in production, and there’s no official rating by the MPA, but it’s said that the film will end up being R.

“It’s these [Disney] people, and these people do things their way,” co-writer Rhett Reese said. “And we were used to doing things our way, so there are differences, but I think the great part is that Marvel’s been incredibly supportive. They are gonna let Deadpool be Deadpool, you know? It’s not like any particular joke may be the one that they say, ‘You know, that’s too far.’ That could happen, but to this point, it’s been nothing but support.”


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