Everything we know about Avalugg in Pokémon GO

By Melany Moncada


Dec 26, 2022

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Avalugg has become a staple of Pokemon GO for the holidays. This Pokémon first joined the game in December 2021 and the Hisuian variant was added during the winter season of 2022.

Avalugg is an Ice type Pokémon from the Kalos region. It first appeared on Pokémon X and Y. Pokémon Legends: Arceus introduced Hisuian Avalugg, an Ice and Rock type. Hisui is the region where Arceus and the first Pokémon were born. It would be known as Sinnoh later on.

On December 2022, Hisuian Avalugg became available in Pokémon GO as a three-star Raid Boss.

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How to get Avalugg in Pokémon GO

Avalugg cannot be found in the wild. Instead, there are two methods to get it.

The first is by defeating it as a Raid Boss. As an Ice type, Avalugg is vulnerable to Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire type. Pokémon like Lucario, Flareon, and Breeloom are highly effective against Avalugg.

The second option, and the most common, is evolving a Bergmite.

Pokémon GO increases or decreases the chances of encountering certain Pokémon according to the seasons. During the winter, it is common to find Ice type Pokémon, while in Spring, the chances of finding Grass type are higher. If you cannot find an Avalugg raid, you will probably have to wait another year.

Avalugg evolutions

Avalugg evolves from a Bergmite. This is a common Pokémon to encounter during the winter months, and it can be found in the wild, hatched from eggs, or in the Wild Encounters. To get an Avalugg, players will need 50 Bergmite candies.

The best way to get candy is by setting Bergmite as your buddy and walking. Every three kilometers, Bergmite will give you candy. When encountering Bergmite in the wild, use Pinap Berry to increase the number of candies it grants after being caught.


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