Everything to know about Operation Broken Fang’s new agents

By Nick Johnson


Dec 29, 2020

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With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Broken Fang content, Valve has continued to add new agents for players to use in its first-person shooter. Valve first unveiled the option to customize characters in 2019’s Shattered Web Operation. That first content pack included 10 CT and 12 T models for players to choose from with agents like the classified rarity The Elite Mr. Muhlik and Special Agent Eva were popular, and Eva marked the first time CSGO players could choose a female character.

The Shattered Web models were initially unpopular with both the casual and professional CSGO communities. Web’s color scheme often made its agents impossible to see against a map background. Valve’s Broken Fang models are still distinguishable as a custom model and different from someone who is using CSGO’s default, but players should have no problem picking them out from the background of any map this time around.

Price, pictures, and everything players need to know about CSGO’s Fang Agents

Valve also continued the legacy of Shattered Web’s Eva by introducing four more female agents to CSGO’s lineup. Fang released CSGO’s first two female T models, while two more joined Eva on the CT side. Commander Mae is the CT’s Master Agent and will set players back 25 stars total, while players have to roll a 10-star Agent pack for the chance to grab Farlow.

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The T side also received female representation from Valve in Broken Fang. Both Safecracker and Sally are available as random drops from Broken Fang’s targeted rolls.

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CSGO’s Bloody Darryl feels like a Payday crossover throwback

Broken Fang has also introduced multiple outfits for the same character. Sir Bloody Darryl’s voice lines vibrate with an outback twang a little bit of shakiness that gives away the fact that Darryl might not be as confident as he lets on. The styles range from creepy clown to Miami Vice, so there’s something here for everyone. Darryl is a Master Agent, meaning that users will have to throw down 25 stars for a roll at one of these rare appearances.

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Finally, the rest of Broken Fang’s new characters appear. The ones that aren’t pictured below are just slight variations on Shattered Web agents, so there isn’t much more to show. The new agents on both teams are fantastically modeled and, like the rest of Broken Fang, are voiced to perfection. It’s amazing that the voice actors didn’t just have to record CSGO’s classic “‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘It’s going to blow!’” voice lines, but also had to voice all the lines for CSGO’s troubled ping system as well.

All of these agents are available as a random drop users can purchase from the Operation Store. The bright pink superior Agents cost 10 stars per roll, the purple Exceptional pack costs seven, and a blue distinguished pack costs five stars per roll.

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How much do Broken Fang agents cost?

Each agent can be purchased on the Steam Marketplace for anywhere between 30 cents and $15, but each agent can also be rolled on using stars collected from CSGO’s Broken Fan Battle Pass. Here’s a breakdown:

Master Agents: 25 Stars 

  • Sir Bloody Daryll: 25 stars grants the user a roll at one of Darryl’s outfits shown above
  • Commander Mae: 25 stars unlocks Mae for the player immediately

Superior Agents – 7 Stars for a random agent

  • Number K
  • Rezan
  • Two Times
  • Farlow
  • Safecracker Voltzman

Exceptional Agents – 7 Stars for a random agent

  • Blueberries
  • Van Healen
  • Bombson
  • Getaway Sally
  • Little Kev

Distinguished Agents – 5 Stars for a random agent

  • Bio-Haz
  • Chem-Haz
  • Sabre Footsoldier
  • Phoenix Street Soldier


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