Epic releases Major Lazer collaboration cosmetic in Fortnite

By Rebekah Drake


Aug 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Epic Games has released another cosmetics pack for Fortnite, this time containing seven separate cosmetic items. 

The pack is in collaboration with EDM music group Major Lazer, which the pack is named after. 

The Major Lazer bundle is now live in the Fortnite Store, and players can buy the entire set for a total of 2,475 V-Bucks. Each of the items is themed in line with the band as part of the new collaboration, and includes one outfit, one back bling, one pickaxe, two songs, and two emotes. 

The outfit itself is based on the cartoon character that the band also created. The character, also called Major Lazer, is a Jamacan superhero with a “lazer” weapon in place of a right hand. In the series, he fights against dystopian political forces for peace. Many of the cartoon’s themes are referenced in the item descriptions featured in-game on the new cosmetics.

The epic outfit is made complete by the back bling and pickaxe, both of which match the same titular character. The first item is a set of metal framed wings in gold with a sun motif in the center. The harvesting tool looks more like a weaponised axe than a pickaxe, but it does match the motif of the wings.

The music tracks that are available are remixes of Fortnite themes already available in the game, both of which were written by the band themselves. Default Fire and Default Vibe, as the tracks are called, are variations on the default dance music tracks that sounds when a player uses the dance emote during a match.  

The last two items in the Lazerism Set are emotes. Lazer Flex is an emote that shows the player character flexing, making the laser gun that the cartoon character is famous for show up on their arm. The other emote, a dance move, is called Lazer Blast. 

The Lazerism Set is now available in all regions for a limited time. It’s not clear how long the pack will be available for, so interested players will want to grab it while they can.


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