Endpoint revives British CSGO with massive upset over forZe

By Nick Johnson


Feb 23, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Endpoint and forZe weren’t messing around at DreamHack Open Anaheim. The two teams took a showdown on Vertigo to quadruple overtime. Endpoint eventually took the map with a 28-26 victory.

In the closest match of the event thus far, the two teams were even in nearly every category. Regulation saw each half split 8-7 and the teams were even through three overtime periods.

After Vertigo, forZe clapped back and forced a decider by taking a 16-12 win on Inferno. Endpoint avoided elimination and closed out the series 2-1 by taking a decisive win on Train.

In total, the match between Endpoint and forZe lasted almost six hours and had a total of 105 rounds. Despite its length, fans showed up in droves to watch the two teams during their marathon series. While Endpoint dominated the Train decider, the series was still hotly competitive.

Thomas “Thomas” Utting posted a remarkable stat line that included 89 kills across the three maps. Bogdan “xsepower” Chernikov tallied 83 for forZe before Endpoint sent them packing.

forZe out of DreamHack Open Anaheim after Endpoint win

The victory over forZe is a big deal for Endpoint, who entered DreamHack Open Anaheim after a controversial winter that saw a public blowout between the organization and its former roster. It also marks one of the biggest wins for British Counter-Strike in a long while, due to the nation’s struggles to stand out in a crowded European field.

The two teams were put into an elimination series after eating best-of-one losses to start their day. Endpoint was bested by Furia Esports, while forZe was slapped down by North.

forZe leaves California empty-handed despite analysts at DreamHack Open Anaheim pushing the team as one of the favorites to win. While this doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the Russian squad, it’s certainly a bad look with the ESL One Rio Major’s CIS Minor qualifiers looming just over the horizon.

Endpoint will face off against North later this evening, but no matter what happens they’ve single-handedly brought UK CSGO teams up a notch in the eyes of fans. If Endpoint plays like they did today, there is room for an .