ELiGE exposes racist CSGO pros at Depth Esports, gets them kicked

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 9, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Depth Esports has released its entire roster after Team Liquid’s Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski shared evidence that proved the former players’ problematic behavior outside of the server. 

Toxicity in casual Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches is usually brushed off as dark humor. Valve’s meek attempts at handling such toxicity haven’t changed much, enabling players to run wild. Since the game has become free-to-play, even more players are abusing the chat feature, spewing hate against enemies and teammates alike. 

A similar instance was observed on Twitter when a user posted a screenshot of a CSGO chat. A player named snav had left extremely insensitive comments for the opponent. 

The screenshot was a typical toxic chat that could be found in any CSGO game. However, as the post gained traction, it reached numerous CSGO players including top pro EliGE, who revealed that he knew the player in question. The Team Liquid rifler clarified that snav was actually a professional player from Depth Esports, a team that was playing in FPL Circuit. 

The player further highlighted that snav and his teammates frequently used racist and sexist jokes both in and outside the server. He backed his claims with a series of screenshots, exposing foul language used by Depth Esports players in a discord chat. 

Depth Esports players removed from FPL Circuit 

It was evident from the screenshots that the squad casually used derogatory terms. It’s unfit for any professional player backed by an organization to use such language, and so repercussions swiftly followed. 

While Valve may overlook such problems among its players, a FACEIT product manager took notice and removed Shane shane Dressler, Wyatt snav Phillippi, Derek dare Brown, and Havok from FPL Circuit. 

“Sorry it took longer than necessary. What they say and how they have acted towards others even outside of FPL is unacceptable. We are continuing to look into other people/similar behaviours with the FPL players and will take similar actions,” product manager Amir said.

The Depth Esports organization was quickly caught up with the turmoil and posted an official statement on the matter. The organization cut ties with all the players on account of behavioral issues.

Founder of Depth Esports Jonathan’ Levitee’ later clarified that Ethan reck Serrano wasn’t directly involved in the current drama. Still, the decision applies to the entire team including reck in order to prevent “further casualties.”

Depth Esports players’ issue culminated on a good note only because a CSGO professional player touched on the subject. While the players were kicked out of the pro scene soon after their actions were brought to light, it’s disheartening that most toxic players continue to get away with their behavior in-game. Valve may want to develop better strategies to detect and discipline offensive players.