EG Svenskeren: “There’s no downside to having Huni on the roster.”

By Olivia Richman


Jun 8, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The LCS Summer Split is beginning June 20 and Evil Geniuses’ Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen already has his eyes on the 2020 World Championship. spoke with the jungler about the new roster, what it means for the Summer Split, and what changes the team has made after falling to Cloud9 in the finals last season. 

EG came in second last season in the LCS. How do you plan on taking down C9 this Split? 

Svenskeren: We just have to keep working hard. 

Do you have any changes in strategy and style for summer? 

We’re trying to find the playstyle that fits us. Towards the end of the Spring Split, we kind of forgot how to play the game as a team. Everyone just played the games ourselves, the way we wanted. But we are going to be more structured with team play and playing together. 

What has changed on your end? What did you focus on during the break? 

The break was really long. I would lose my mind if I was still focusing on League the whole time. 

That makes sense. What did you focus on instead? 

I’ve been trying to relax and not focus too much on anything. Sleeping a lot. Not stressing at all. Playing a lot of other games, like Rust. 

How has it been scrimming with Huni? 

It’s been fun. He’s really open and he’s really vocal. He makes the games fun. 

Did your team need someone like that, who was a bit more vocal?  

We had vocal players, but when we swapped the team dynamic we improved other parts. If Huni is talking more, it allows me and Zeyzal to not talk as much. That opens up to us playing better, you can say. A lot of players play worse if they have to talk a lot.

This opens up the field to different strategies and different views of the game. 

How do you think he will impact your team’s performance in the Summer Split? 

I think Huni will make us a stronger team. There’s no downside to having him on the roster. Even if he might not start in the games and is sharing time.

Just by being there, an extra voice with a lot of experience, he can teach Kumo some stuff. That will make us stronger. 

Why is this season important to you? 

It’s just as important as every other season. Summer matters a bit more than Spring. There’s the chance to go to Worlds. I just really want to go to Worlds again.


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