Dune Awakening gameplay

Dune: Awakening gameplay reveal, release date

By Olivia Richman


Mar 5, 2024

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Fans got their first look at Dune: Awakening in a gameplay trailer released earlier this week.

It was announced a while ago that Funcom has been working on an open-world survival MMO based on the sci fi world of Dune, a novel turned blockbuster. But we finally got a closer look at what this video game will be like thanks to an impressive trailer.

What is Dune: Awakening?

Dune: Awakening will take place on the planet Arrakis, known for its harsh desert environment, violent invaders, and massive sandworms. From the trailer, it appears that the game is focused on survival, with clips of the player harvesting materials and building shelters. There’s also plenty of action, including stealthy gameplay and incoming enemy attacks.

In the Dune Direct where the trailer was premiered, creative director Joel Bylos discussed the base building mechanics a bit further, revealing that you can share blueprints between players. You can also learn valuable skills that will help with your survival, whether it’s in combat or around your base.

Will there be sandworms in Dune: Awakening?

A big part of Dune are the sandworms that make Arrakis so dangerous. Will they play a role in Dune: Awakening as well?

According to Bylos, the sandworms will be used as a “tension mechanic.” Basically, you can’t kill sandworms and should focus on avoiding them — or luring them to your enemies.

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When is Dune: Awakening getting released?

Dune: Awakening has no release date as of yet.

The game was first announced at The Game Awards back in 2022. Since then, the team has been running a few betas. Bylos is hoping to have more players experience the game over time but they won’t be “rushing it out the door.”

Once it is finally released, Dune: Awakening will be for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Sign up for future betas on the game’s official website.


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