DrLupo denies that his Twitch community is toxic and racist

Olivia Richman • November 2, 2020 9:15 pm

Twitch streamer Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo’s community is under attack again for being considered toxic. 

With over 4.3 million followers, DrLupo continues to be a popular personality on the Twitch streaming platform. Recently, he’s been playing Escape From Tarkov while chatting with around 14,000 concurrent viewers. But with a growing fanbase comes some people that may not be considered savory. Recently, DrLupo’s community has been accused of being racist. 

While it’s impossible to create a totally wholesome community, DrLupo has been accused of ignoring this toxic behavior. 

“What a generalized statement most likely directed at people that don’t follow me and most likely messaged her LITERALLY to stir up this kind of post. Really? You’re telling me I’m responsible for the thousands of random people that I don’t know?” DrLupo responded

As the criticism continued, a Twitch moderator for DrLupo’s channel decided to share a document outlining how positive the streamer’s community is as a whole. The mod explained that DrLupo’s chat rules condemn sexism, racism, and anything else considered toxic or disrespectful. 

DrLupo and mods defend his community from accusations

The mod also pointed out that DrLupo’s community have not been silent when people have broken these rules. This includes banning a lot of people who have said offensive things as quickly as possible. 

“With higher viewer counts, the community went from several thousand to tens of thousands. With this growth, obviously some undesirable people found their way in. However, our response to these people remained the same,” IC1415 said. 

DrLupo took the time to respond to the document, which he said the moderator created on their own accord and without prompting. 

“Racism, as always, will never be allowed in my community. Standing up for people is not a ‘trend’ for me. I was raised better than that. Read this. All of it. Be kind to each other,” DrLupo said. 

He also clarified that he did not ask the mod to put the document together, but that they did so of their own accord.

“As I’ve said before, and will always say – I will learn more about how I can help to make the world a better place. All we have is each other,” DrLupo tweeted. 


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