Draken blasts Ninjas in Pyjamas, claims they lied to CSGO team

By Marta Juras


Sep 1, 2019

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More and more former players are coming out to air their grievances with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

William “draken” Sundin has opened up about his most recent run with Ninjas in Pyjamas, which lasted just one month. According to Draken, NiP CEO Hicham Chahine and coach Faruk “pita” Pita lied in regards to his status with the team.

Speaking on Twitter, Draken accused NiP of offering him a permanent spot on the team in March following the deactivation of Dennis “dennis” Edman.

“So, when NIP asked me to stand in, they offered me a minimum six tournaments and potentially a permanent spot if I showed them that I had worked on myself,” he said. “The sad and disrespectful thing about the offer they made was that none of the players knew about the permanent deal offer. They only thought I was as a stand-in and whenever dennis decided he wanted to come back I would just be put on the bench.”

While Draken alleges he was offered a long-term position with NiP, he was instead benched just three weeks later when Dennis returned.

Over recent months, a number of former Ninjas in Pyjamas players and staff have come out and discussed their negative experiences working with the organization.

This started in July with Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson, who claimed NiP signed its players to exploitative contracts and withheld earnings from its legendary CSGO team from 2012 to 2014. A number of his former teammates from that time have corroborated his story while others have discussed issues surrounding NiP’s Dota 2 and Overwatch divisions.

While Draken feels like he was swindled by NiP, his beef didn’t end with his time there.

Following his benching by NiP, he moved on to Team Ancient. The team had a decent start, placing second at DreamHack Open Summer 2019, but went into a skid when NiP signed one of Ancient’s players, Nicolas “Plopski” Gonzalez Zamora. This led to their dissolution in August.

Draken noted that joining NiP was Plopski’s decision, but added that he felt personally slighted by NiP poaching one of his teammates given how they wouldn’t even be able to field him for the StarLadder Berlin Major.

Currently a free agent, Draken added that his dream now is to “be part of a team of young, talented Swedes.”


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