Dragonite’s Pokemon Unite moves and abilities leaked

By Steven Rondina


Dec 10, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

Pokemon Unite leaks are quickly becoming a regular occurrence for the game, and the latest example of this is the early reveal of Dragonite’s moves and abilities.

Though the release of Dragonite isn’t actually set to come for several more days, a complete build for Dragonite is already set up in Pokemon Unite’s files. Using some unofficial mods, data miner ElChicoEevee added Dragonite to the game and played around with it in training mode, giving players an early look at the new character.

While the Pokemon was only recently announced as part of a larger update, fans have plenty of reason to be excited for the Pokemon. Dragonite is set to be one of the most interesting Pokemon in popular entire game, with everything from its moves to its basic attack having some unique wrinkles.

Dragonite to shake up Pokemon Unite

Dragonite’s Pokemon Unite move set and abilities are some of the most elaborate seen in the game to date.

Naturally, Dragonite starts as Dratini with Dragon Breath and Twister being its starting moves. Twister is a targeted spell that deals damage and slows any enemy it hits, while Dragon Breath deals damage in a cone-shaped AOE and will give Dratini a guaranteed critical hit on its next attack of Dragon Breath hits an enemy player. Dratini also gets a water-type boosted attack with every third attack that reduces active cooldowns.

Dratini evolves into Dragonair at level five, with a unique attack mechanic. The attack changes between a water attack and an electric attack periodically, and a boosted attack hits with every third attack. The water attack reduces the duration of Dratini’s active cooldowns while the electric attack stuns enemies for a brief time.

After evolving, Dragonair starts to learn upgraded moves. At level five comes the choice between Dragon Dance and Extreme Speed as the upgrade for Twister. Both attacks see the Pokemon dash forward, but Dragon Dance gives increased damage with a shortened cooldown for each hit on enemy players while Extreme Speed bashes the enemy and deals a flat amount of damage with a bonus based on the opponent’s maximum HP.

After evolving into Dragonite at level eight, the Pokemon’s basic attack changes once again. In addition to the water and electric attacks, Dragonite also has fire attacks added to the mix. The fire version of the attack deals bonus damage.

Also at level eight, Dragon Breath is upgraded into either Hyper Beam or Outrage. Hyper Beam deals a massive amount of damage in a line in front of Dragonite, but Outrage is more elaborate. 

After using Outrage, Dragonite slams the ground to deal damage in an AOE. For a short time after, Dragonite’s basic attack goes from being ranged to melee with increased attack speed. These attacks will have an extra bonus effect that mimics the last boosted attack used by Dragonite. When this duration is finished, Dragonite is stunned for a short time, leaving it temporarily vulnerable.

Dragonite learns its Unite Move at level nine and it too has a unique mechanic.

For its Unite Move, Dragonite jumps into the air and crashes down with a number of meteors, dealing damage in an AOE and becoming unstoppable. Dragonite has the ability to jump across about one third of the map with this attack, giving the move the best range in all of Pokemon Unite.

However, Dragonite’s Unite Move cooldown varies based on how far it traveled rather than always going from 100% to 0% like with most other Pokemon. While a maximum-range jump goes from 100% to 0%, a short-range jump will see the cooldown between Unite Moves reduced significantly.

All of this combines to make Dragonite one of the most elaborate and interesting characters in Pokemon Unite thus far. You can find Dragonite in the Aeos Shop when the new Pokemon launches in the game.

When does Dragonite come out in Pokemon Unite?

Dragonite is set to arrive in Pokemon Unite on December 15.

The Pokemon will be a part of a larger update to celebrate Christmas. Alongside Dragonite, the update will add a reskinned map, a number of new skins for both trainer avatars and playable Pokemon, and more.