Doublelift bashes LCS teams, calls them “snowflakes” for being scared to lose

By Olivia Richman


Apr 19, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Not one to shy away from smack talk no matter the situation, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng called out LCS teams for their poor mentality during a stream with an LCK commentator. 

Team Liquid may have finished in 9th place in the LCS, but Doublelift still had harsh words for the other teams competing in North America after he heard Cloud9’s Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme admit in an interview that other teams didn’t want to scrim against his team because they were afraid to lose. 

“We heard other teams would cancel on C9 because they’re smacking them too hard in scrims,” Doublelift said on stream. “Nobody wants to scrim C9 because it’s too demoralizing. They’re getting punished for being too good.”

This seemed to bother Doublelift, who then called North American players “snowflakes” compared to other regions because of their weak mentality and fear of losing. 

“In Korea, everyone would want to scrim C9. It’d be like, ‘Please, give me an extra game. Let me get shit on.’ There’s some fucked up American mindset where losing is the enemy. Do anything you can do to avoid losing. But sometimes you need to get shit on to get good,” Doublelift ranted. 

Doublelift’s shaky LCS Spring Split with Team Liquid

This is an interesting sentiment coming from Doublelift, who was openly disinterested in competing seriously in the spring due to the diminished importance of the split. He admitted to feeling a lack of motivation and was even benched for his negative mindset and terrible KDA

In Team Liquid’s Squad episodes, Doublelift discussed how losing had shaken him up a bit and given him the motivation to try and win once again, but this attitude may have come too late. It’s now rumored that Team Liquid will be putting his contract up for trade before the 2020 LCS Summer Split.

This has yet to be confirmed, but League of Legends journalist Travis Gafford is very close to Doublelift and most likely wouldn’t share such a juicy rumor if it weren’t backed up by multiple reliable sources. Gafford even allowed Doublelift to redo an interview where he bashed his own coaches and teammates, meaning he’s willing to keep his relationships with players strong at all costs. 

While Doublelift claimed that Team Liquid never backed down from a scrim with Cloud9, it’s possible his harsh words for NA are also a reflection on his own mindset he’s hoping to overcome once placed on a new team. Either way, it seems Doublelift is a believer in player therapists, commending Team Liquid for hiring Jared Tendler as the organization’s mental game coach. It’s not yet known where Doublelift will end up in North America. 


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