$1,000,000 Halloween skin design competition announced for CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valve has announced a new CSGO skin design competition called Dreams & Nightmares. It will themed around the Halloween season and carries a huge cash prize for winning designs.

The Dreams & Nightmares CSGO art contest will award $1 million to community skin designers. The contest will end just in time for the skins to receive some official polish and be released together in a Halloween case. CSGO workshop artists have from July 22 to October 21 to submit skin designs.

Community artists have been invited to submit “dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes to be shipped in an upcoming case.” Valve has provided artist guidelines for the art contest in addition to a $1 million prize pool. Assuming that the prize pool is split evenly between all 17 winners, artists will win just under $59,000. It’s not clear if the $1 million prize will replace or bolster the usual royalties paid to CSGO skin designers.

The guns chosen for the case have already been revealed. An AK-47 and MP-9 skin will fill in the red covert slots. The pinks will be for the MP-7, Dual Berettas, and FAMAS. The sought-after purple skins will be for the M4A1-S and USP-S. The blues include a P2000 and MAC-10 slot.

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The end date for the art competition gives a pretty clear release window for the CSGO Dreams & Nightmares case. The case should arrive around a week after October 21, putting early estimates at October 28. It’s also possible that Valve will wait for Halloween a few days later to release the new CSGO skins.