Disabled CSGO player is popping heads using a controller

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 15, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

While some veterans struggle to achieve the perfect spray in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this “crosshanded” player is annihilating enemies with a disability. 

CSGO’s steep learning curve is not for quitters. You must have ample patience, skill, and determination to hit a decent rank in Valve’s FPS. However, most players lack the discipline to stay consistent through the setbacks. But, this one player named “Crosshanded” is putting old-timers to shame with his crisp aim and dedication. 

Crosshanded suffers from a physical disability that limits him from using a mouse and keyboard, but that doesn’t stop him from grinding and getting better at CSGO. He uses a controller with special key binds and is still better at the game than some CSGO veterans. 

Crosshanded is a specially-skilled CSGO player


Crosshanded has only played CSGO for one week after a long break and is already popping heads. Since he’s playing on a controller with his arms crossed, it’s a pretty big deal that he can aim at the head and do the perfect spray down as well. 

He originally played Call of Duty but has moved to CSGO after taking an extended break from Valve’s FPS.

“I started playing CSGO last week because I heard CS2 is dropping & the graphics look amazing on that game, so I was like, why not get into CSGO? I’m focusing now on recoil control & trying to learn that & crosshair placement!” he said.

According to the community, his aim is better than most seasoned CSGO players, even though he’s on a controller. It’s pretty tricky to handle CSGO’s wonky movement on a controller, so Crosshanded uses “REWASD” software to bind keys. 

Crosshandes says he’s not at his full potential yet and plans to grind until he can compete with the best. His dedication has inspired players worldwide who are sending him support in a wholesome Reddit thread. He also streams his gameplay on Twitch!

Crosshanded suffers from a disability called arthrogryposis, due to which his arms were operated to be bent at birth. He uses the controller for movement and presses the triggers with his legs. While it sounds tricky, Crosshanded has mastered the skill over the years, inspiring other CSGO players.