Dignitas announces return to male competitive CSGO, seeks players

Marta Juras • September 19, 19:00

Dignitas has announced they will be re-entering the male Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene.

A bit over a year after Dignitas has dropped its CSGO team, the esports organization is looking to come back and make a big entrance. The team shared a video featuring Dignitas CEO Michael “Prindi” Prindiville saying they’re coming back to build a dynasty.

“I want hungry players who want top-level management, and top facilities and structure, so they can reach the top of their game,” Prindi said. “This is the org that will change the game in CSGO.”

In the video statement, Prindi mentioned how Dignitas’ management has been actively watching the CSGO scene for the past year and a half and has attended the last three majors. The staff has seen some impressive performances from potential candidates, but also some lesser performances from players the organization will presumably be staying away from.

Prindi commented on the unfair treatment some CSGO players have received from their teams, and is promising that Dignitas is coming back to the scene to turn that around and provide their CSGO players with everything they need to come out on top.

Through the video, Dignitas is calling out to professional players that feel like their potential isn’t being fully utilized to join their new team, no matter the region they come from. And while some fans are excited to see Dignitas return to the scene, others aren’t as confident in Prindi’s words and feel as if all the teams have been saying the same in order to better advertise themselves to free agents.

Before disbanding its CSGO team in August 2018, Dignitas tried out a few roster shuffles, but none were successful as they failed to qualify for most of the bigger tournaments. On the contrary, their all-female CSGO team has continuously held serve as one of the best female teams in the world.

Dignitas has surely made a name for itself in the CSGO scene through its history, so the community is excited to see what a new roster can achieve for the organization. The team has a lot of work ahead of it, as it isn’t yet clear which players Dignitas might pursue or when a theoretical new team might make its debut.


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