Did s1mple trash a hotel room? Here’s what we know

Kenneth Williams • September 28, 2022 7:09 am

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev can take on any squad of pro players as well as a trashy hotel room.

In the midst of ESL Pro League Season 16 group stage, s1mple posted on social media about disgusting living conditions in the ESL-provided hotel in Malta. The photos shocked fans, which snowballed into a suspected row between staff and the AWPing icon. The issue even drew the attention of the ESL commissioner. Here’s what we know about s1mple’s hotel drama.

The incident began with a social media post from s1mple on September 25, 2022. He called out ESL for poor communications with players and the low quality of the hotel they are staying at. He went on to claim that there were ants in his bed and mold around an air conditioning vent. He later provided photos proving the latter. The CSGO community quickly reacted with disgust.

s1mple hotel room mold

After the initial report, a Malta-based publication ran a piece on the incident asserting that s1mple had hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door for 21 days straight. It also quoted the hotel claiming that he left food and trash everywhere. s1mple himself responded on social media with threats to air the hotel’s dirty laundry, though he ultimately chose not to follow through.

s1mple and ESL resolve hotel issue, blame media 

s1mple once again responded, claiming that the lodge was lying about his experience. The situation escalated to the point that CSGO esports decision-makers began to get involved.

On September 27, ESL Pro League commissioner Alexander Inglot finally stepped in to clear the air. He stated that some media had misrepresented the case and that s1mple and hotel had communicated since. s1mple later confirmed that the situation had been resolved. 

Neither s1mple or the host offered further comments on the player’s hygiene in the room, but with the ESL commissioner disavowing the local publication, it’s possible that details were exaggerated. Either way, the best player in CSGO is hopefully living in better condition since his Natus Vincere will fight against Heroic in the lower bracket of ESL Pro League Season 16 starting September 28.


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