Did PlussyKnight fake his passing? Communities raise questions

By Olivia Richman


Jul 29, 2020

Reading time: 6 min

A gamer and podcaster known as “PlussyKnight” has likely been exposed for faking that he passed had away from COVID-19. 

The PlussyCast member, which is a fandom channel dedicated to Alpharad Plus, announced that he had caught the serious virus on July 23. By July 26, it was tweeted that he had died. 

On July 24, PlussyKnight told Twitter that he was doing his best to recover. 

“Alright Twitter, gonna try and get some good sleep in, prolly won’t Tweet more than three times a day but you all should get updates at least so you know I’m not dead, so look out for those if you’re wanting to know how I’m doing,” PlussyKnight said to his followers. 

That same day he briefly described his symptoms, which seemed to be a scratchy throat, fatigue, and trouble breathing. A bit later, he also claimed to feel nauseous. At the end of the day, PlussyKnight stated that it was “kicking in” and that he hoped he’d feel better the next day. 

On July 28, PlussyKnight told his followers that things weren’t looking good. 

“I don’t want to let people think I’m alive and kicking after not saying anything,” he tweeted, claiming it was probably going to be his last tweet. 

PlussyKnight’s mom purportedly takes over Twitter account

At this point, many people were supportive of PlussyKnight. Related communities were devastated to hear that he may have passed away. 

An hour after PlussyKnight declared that he wouldn’t be tweeting again, a message was seemingly sent to his followers from his mother. Using his account, she said that he had “passed away a few minutes ago.” 

“His last words were ‘Loved this world until this year.’ He told me to get on Twitter and let you all know, because ‘It’s awful if they don’t.’ I hope this is the right account, I don’t want to say this again,” read the message.

This tweet started to raise some suspicion. Some of his followers wondered why his mother’s first move would be to tweet to his followers instead of informing family members and friends. Others argued that this had been his “final wish” and that she was right to respect it. 

But people started to get even more concerned when PlussyKnight’s mom started a hashtag for her son, who had allegedly just passed away. 

PlussyKnight’s mother then told his followers that the family was making funeral plans. 

“I love you all, but I didn’t know so many people loved and cared for him. If anyone needs me please let me know, I’ve been kept awake from thinking about him,” the account next tweeted. 

Alpharad Plus responds to PlussyKnight’s supposed death

Word had started to spread that PlussyKnight might have passed away, although there were already some skeptical people in the “Plussy” fandom. But Alpharad Plus became aware of the news and asked the community if there was anything they could do. 

PlussyKnight’s mother responded, offering thanks for the attention.

“Since we’re able to cover everything financially, I’d prefer if you give it to charity if you wanna do any crowdfunding,” the account tweeted . 

Alpharad Plus death

Alpharad Plus also posted a video.

“It’s a weird sensation to lose a fan,” he said. “He was taken from us. It’s weird. There’s no personal connection between me and him but his life so positively affected so many of our other fans.” 

Meanwhile, the community was urging everyone to wear a mask and be careful. The podcast that PlussyKnight was at times featured on also tweeted about the incident as others continued questioning the story. 

Questions arise over validity of PlussyKnight’s death

PlussyCast was referencing a Reddit post that was gaining a lot of traction after PlussyKnight’s death. Posted in the Super Smash Bros. subreddit, the post was published by a medical professional who didn’t feel PlussyKnight’s tweets were adding up. 

The Redditor stated that they have seen a lot of COVID-19 patients, even some that have died, and that PlussyKnight’s own timeline didn’t seem to add up to their experiences with the virus. 

“When someone dies of COVID, unless they are elderly and refuse advanced care, they’re usually on a ventilator. The fact Plussy was never on one makes me suspicious. Plussy made his last tweet at 10:58 PM, and his mom reported his death at Midnight. If he is a young person who was in previously good health, doctors would do absolutely everything,” they explained. “Vent, hard hitting broad spectrum antibiotics, remdesivir which is an antiviral drug that has shown some promise. By all indications he received none of that. It doesn’t make sense. You can’t tweet on a vent, you’re heavily sedated on a large cocktail of anesthetics so you don’t pull the tube out.”

The medical professional also noted that they will not give up on a young person’s life in an hour’s time. When it comes to children, they’ll fight for the kid to survive for up to two hours when they are “in the process of dying.” 

They also felt it was strange that PlussyKnight was able to use his phone while suffering from life-ending coronavirus symptoms. They noted it was strange that he died at home and that his mother hadn’t even bothered to call emergency services to try to save his life. 

“If I am wrong, I completely apologize to a grieving family. There’s just too much that’s fishy for me to not say something, as lying about dying from COVID is an extremely serious offense, and as someone who has seen people dying from it… It’s not something I will accept,” the Redditor concluded. 

Other medical professionals also noted the unrealistic timeline of events that had unfolded on Twitter. Some used the forum to question other parts of PlussyKnight’s story, including his mom’s seemingly odd behavior after her son’s death. 

Plussy Knight death

PlussyKnight potentially exposed faking his own death

Despite the skepticism on Reddit, the “Plussy” community continued to be supportive of PlussyKnight and his mother. But soon, PlussyKnight’s story began to fall further apart. 

A Twitter user came forward with screenshots of alleged conversations he had with PlussyKnight, who had told him that’d he’d faked his death because he just wanted to “lurk” the internet. 

“I wanted out of the internet,” PlussyKnight said. “I don’t need forgiveness. I just need permission to lurk.” 

The “Plussy” community immediately agreed that the hashtag, #forgetplussyknight, shouldn’t be used. They warned that too much bullying or negative attention could lead to an actual death. Still, community members were disappointed that PlussyKnight lied about something so serious. 

“It’s faked. I was one of the people that spoke to him 30 minutes before his ‘death’ and even I’m convinced. More people are coming out with more info I believe I just wanted to get this out on my own as well just in case,” another community member tweeted. 

More screenshots then surfaced, and PlussyKnight deleted his Twitter account. 


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