Did Mauga ruin the meta in Overwatch 2?

By Olivia Richman


Dec 29, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Ever since Mauga dropped, the Overwatch 2 community has been pretty outspoken about the new tank being OP. But some support players recently got together to further discuss how Mauga has ruined the game for them.

Mauga is a very aggressive tank that has abilities that encourage him to rush into enemy lines. His role is to tank damage while dealing a good amount as well. But a lot of support players have noted that this playstyle requires healing heroes to become dedicated to him in order to keep him alive.

On Reddit, one player wrote: “After Mauga being introduced, I hate being a support.”

The player went on to explain that Mauga needs a “dedicated babysitter,” and that’s usually Ana, thanks to her ability to safely heal from afar. Meanwhile, the enemy DPS will focus on the support, attempting to take them out.

Mauga Overwatch 2 nerf

“Any other tank [aside from Mauga] and DPS splits its jobs on who they can fire at, but now it’s like I’m in a horror game trying to pick out Reaper and Tracer footsteps all game. I’m scared, man, leave me alone,” they wrote.

Other Overwatch 2 fans agreed that support heroes were becoming too vulnerable to Sombra and other flanking DPS as they focused on Mauga.

Is Mauga OP in competitive Overwatch 2?

Mauga joined competitively on December 19. It has now been a week. Over that time, players have been experimenting with the tank and have found that he’s almost a must-have to counter other Mauga. Right now, Mauga has a 54% win rate, which is one of the highest. But he is still not completely unbeatable.


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