Did a wild tweet from KennyS just confirm Source 2?

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 15, 2023

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Source 2 is confirmed, at least according to AWP superstar Kenny “kennyS” Schrub.

Source 2 rumors are running wild for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with constant game updates and leaked information flying left and right. In the middle of it all, a social media post from a well-respected player threw even more fuel into the fire. KennyS, of all players, has attempted to spoil the release of Source 2 CSGO with a tweet.

The tweet was posted late on March 14 and contained a simple message meant for the CSGO community. The AWPer simply confirmed that a Source 2 port was in the works and that it was good. In the replies, he jokes around with other established esports figures, including Jake Lucky and sTaXx.

Are CSGO pros like KennyS allowed to talk about Source 2?

CSGO pros likely sign a non-disclosure agreement before being allowed to test Source 2, and KennyS was likely under such an agreement if he was flown in to test the new version.

This is a fairly common practice with video game testing, and even pro players wouldn’t be able to escape the grasp of an NDA. There could be very serious consequences for breaking it, with either heavy fines, forced suspensions, or losing access to future Valve tests. In fact, FaZe Clan captain Finn “karrigan” Andersen all but confirmed that to be the case in a recent interview with him and Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken.


With that in mind, it’s likely that KennyS is just joking with his tweet. He’s an older star, and his current team isn’t exactly a household name in competitive CSGO. It’s very likely that he is just joking around with this kind of message, and fans should take it as trolling rather than intentionally spoiling the new version.


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