Loba coming to Apex mobile

Diamonds in the Snow event teases Loba coming to Apex Mobile

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2022

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A new legend is being teased on the World’s Edge of Apex Mobile, but PC players have already put together the pieces. Limited-time event Diamonds in the Snow is likely hinting at Loba’s arrival. 

Apex Legends mobile was a quick hit among mobile gaming fans. Apex’s unique character-based style roped in a plethora of players who like a dash of lore to their cut-throat gameplay. Platform exclusive legends only added to the game’s appeal, as it left many PC players burning with envy. Respawn isn’t holding back. The developer is already gearing up to deliver a new legend after Fade

The latest Apex Legends Mobile event, Diamonds in the Snow, began bringing tons of loots and reward opportunities for players on June 6. Besides that, it teased a brand new legend deep inside the World’s Edge, but she may not be a stranger to the outlands. 

Is Loba coming to Apex mobile? 

Yes. The teasers all point towards the fan-favorite support character from Apex Legends PC. Loba might be the next legend to join the mobile squad

The Diamond in the Snow event bears many surprises, but players are mostly fixated on the description that states a “mysterious Legend is coming.” It also features a wolf logo that PC players recognize well. It hints at Loba, who will likely soon enter the roster. The legend may arrive sometime after June 15 when the event concludes. 

Loba voice actress

The latest Loba-themed event Diamond in the Snow will take the players into the World’s Edge, where they’d be required to collect three diamond pieces from the vault. The vault can only be opened with a particular key acquired by shooting at flying drones. Using the key opens the vault for players to collect diamond fragments. However, you may only collect one diamond piece per day. 

Collecting these could spell great things once the event wraps up and Loba makes her way to the outlands. Players may get cool skins and special items for completing the seasonal event. So, it’s recommended to collect those diamonds to get a greater reward later. 

The translocating thief would fit well into the current roster of up to 10 legends. Her teleporting and stealing powers will allow her to add to the team’s loot, strengthening their arsenal. Loba is already a hit character in Apex PC, so players should also expect a grand entry into the mobile variant. Her addition would surely amp up Apex Mobile’s gameplay. 


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