Diablo Immortal reports $100 million in revenue after 2 months

Olivia Richman • July 29, 2022 1:46 pm

Diablo Immortal has earned over $100 million in just two months despite being free-to-play, a revenue total that will undoubtedly frustrate those who have left the game behind.

Blizzard’s controversial game has been a hot topic of discussion since its launch due to its abundance of microtransactions. Many big streamers, including World of Warcraft player Asmongold, have even accused the game of being pay-to-win. There have been so many complaints, in fact, that the game has caught the attention of politicians.

Despite the backlash over the massive amount of microtransactions, Diablo Immortal has been a big hit. The game was downloaded over 20 million times and reports revealed it earned $1 million per day. But now reports claim it may be even more than originally thought.

How much has Diablo Immortal earned so far?

Diablo Immortal has reached $100 million in revenue since its launch.

Diablo Immortal has only been around for a few months, but it has already reached $100 million faster than Fortnite. Fortnite took 12 weeks to reach $100 million in revenue. So why did Diablo Immortal see such an immense outpouring of support despite the controversy?

Sensor Tower, an analytics platform, explained that the boost in revenue could be due to Diablo Immortal’s launch in China. The game was a smash hit in this regard.

“During its first two days of release, Diablo Immortal ranked as the No. 1 most downloaded app across all categories on the Apple App Store in the country [China]. On launch day, it ranked as the No. 3 top grossing game on the marketplace,” Sensor Tower reported.

Do you have to spend money in Diablo Immortal?

Despite the ongoing claims that Diablo Immortal requires constant microtransactions, players can actually get to the end of the game without paying a cent. Blizzard’s CEO has commented on this in previous interviews, explaining that players can complete 95.5% of the game without spending money.

Streamers have explained that microtransactions are avoidable but that changes at the end of the game. To gain better armor and weapons, players are forced to make in-game purchases unless they want to spend an unfathomable amount of time grinding.


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