Devastate enemy pushes with this late-round Overpass smoke

By Nick Johnson


Dec 30, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s map Overpass can sometimes feel like a rotation simulator, but this easy monster smoke is powerful enough to win CTs the round, provided defenders have enough confidence to throw it.

Overpass is a polarizing CSGO map, and at times, it can feel even more verticle than Vertigo. That’s all thanks to the map’s distinct areas in connector, the upper A site half, and the bottom B site half. The map also sees a fair amount of hard rotations, espcially from the B site up to A, which the T side will use early and often to punish the enemy team. If the site anchor winds up alone at B when the hit comes in, the round is basically over. But a smoke tossed by Team Liquid’s Jake “Stewie2k” Yip is a perfect counter to the classic Overpass A fake.

CSGO’s Overpass smoke is the best delay smoke around

The smoke can be difficult to pull off, but its not lining up the excellent grenade that’s the hard part. Since players have to put themselves in harm’s way in order to throw this defensive monster smoke, players who want to add it to their game have to be very careful about when they use it. The smoke is thrown from the concrete pad just before water, meaning that if the Ts are already on their way out of monster, it’s too late.

There is an ideal time for this smoke, however. Ts often go quiet in the middle of rounds on Overpass, especially if they’re unsure of the defensive setup. CTs can use this to their advantage by holding at least one smoke for mid to late round usage. 

Stewie2K’s monster resmoke from r/GlobalOffensive

Players should follow this crease to the end of the pad, aim toward the apartments overlooking monster, and left click in the area shown.

Blog post image

Blog post image

The smoke stops and perfectly seals off monster with little to no coverage on the B site side. It puts the Ts in a poor spot if they had planned on ending the round at the B bombsite. If timed correctly, the Ts will be forced to group up and push the monster smoke blind, or group up and push short. Neither is a great option, and if the defenders have even a single HE grenade or incendiary, both options become downright bad. 

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Most smoke lineups players find require lineups either so precise or dangerous they can rarely be thrown in an actual game. But this Overpass monster smoke doesn’t have a pixel perfect lineup, and the position, while dangerous, also has a fair degree of wiggle room. In testing, the smoke landed in monster nearly every time after it was thrown from a variety of spots in the area.

This might be the best late-round smoke for a notoriously tricky bombsite for casual players to defend. That alone makes this smoke worth learning at all levels of play.


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