Destructible Inferno allows you to blow this famous map apart

By Nick Johnson


Mar 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t feature many props for players to break on their way to a winning round, but a new workshop map has brought back the series’ more destructible environments to Inferno.

Destructible Inferno is the latest hit on the CSGO workshop, and it’s easy to see why. Community creators Lion Doge and Angel have not only brought new physics props to the popular map, but they’ve twisted the Source engine into something that looks more like Rainbow Six Siege than CSGO.

Destructible Inferno is a chaotic CSGO masterpiece

CSGO has never officially had the sort of widespread destruction that it sees on Destructible Inferno, but Counter-Strike Source featured plenty of objects that had physics enabled, resulting in flying barrels and splintering wood being a big part of some battles. But the feature couldn’t be separated from the frustrating bugs it brought to Source players.

Bombs could be hidden by barrels that prevented defuses and seemingly reliable cover could change every round, so developers limited the number of props that CSGO’s physics engine could affect, leaving destructible environments behind. That is, until Destructible Inferno arrived.

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While CSGO’s physics change brought a more consistent gameplay loop to CSGO, Destructible Inferno shows that devs didn’t actually remove the system, they just toned it down. And after spending some time on the map, it really is hard not to wonder what CSGO would be like if it had more dynamic destruction. Who knows how a CSGO round could end if taking A site meant breaching a wall instead of taking deep control of apartments.

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Or how much easier a B site retake would be if players could simply blow out the stained glass window in construction.

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The map’s radar helpfully shows all of the destructible items on the map highlighted in red, so players who want to see everything it has to offer don’t have to spend time looking around trying to find them. The big highlights are the apartment wall, porch, and T Bridge, all of which crumble into a pile of bricks when explosives are involved.

In the end, each of these effects would dramatically change CSGO’s core gameplay to the point that the game might no longer be the same. But showcases like this are great for map makers, allowing them new ways to create great content for CSGO, whether that be a multiplayer map or a single-player experience.

CSGO players can head over to the Steam Workshop to subscribe to Destructible Inferno and check out CSGO’s other top community-made maps.