Valorant agent Viper

Deleted Valorant screenshot points at massive Viper nerf

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Imagine if Viper’s ult cost 10 points? Well it could be real, at least according to a deleted Valorant screenshot. 

Each Valorant agent is equipped with an ultimate ability, which is only unlocked as the game progresses through orbs and kills. Typically, you need max eight points to unlock an ult in Valorant. Riot occasionally tweaks the point requirement for each agent based on the meta, but it stays within the number eight mark. 

However, when Valorant dev Joey Simas was showcasing the new Bind changes on a build, keen players spotted a curious change. The dev’s build pointed at a whopping 10-point requirement for Viper’s ult. 

Is Viper getting a nerf? 

Valorant agent Viper

The screenshot for new Bind changes hints at a massive nerf for Viper’s ultimate, but it seems like bait or a mistake. 

While the screenshot was meant to showcase the new angle that’d help defenders hold off an attack from A-short, eagle-eyed players were focused on the UI, which pointed at a jaw-dropping change coming to Valorant. The build’s owner had Viper equipped, except the point meter at the bottom had 10 points instead of the current seven. 

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No agent in Valorant has an ultimate that unlocks at 10 points. Now, either Riot is completely changing the game, or it was just a mistake. Devs often test weird features in private servers that never makes it to the official game. It could be one of many such experiments because, if anything, Viper’s ult is in need of a buff, not a point nerf. 

Riot hasn’t officially commented on the slip yet, but leakers claim that Viper isn’t getting any downgrades to her ultimate. The 10-point UI meant nothing, and the main focus of the image was meant to be the crate on Bind. Players are still not sold, questioning why the devs were even testing 10 points.

Well, this shall remain a mystery until Riot decides to address it.