Deathrunners brings CSGO obstacle courses to a deadly new level

By Steven Rondina


Nov 16, 2019

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a tactical shooter, but there have always been fun options out there for players looking to mix things up.

From deathmatches to surfing, there have been both official and unofficial ways to change up one’s CSGO experience. A map designer is looking to add an interesting new style of game to the match with “Deathrunners.”

Deathrunners “is a movement-based game mode which sees competing players race against other players to “run, Jump, Knock out opponents and be at the podium!”

A short clip of the gameplay shows what fans have to look forward to. The sneak peek shows a massive group of players running through an in-game obstacle course that includes bridges, floating islands, and more. This forces racers to sprint their way across the map, avoiding a number of treacherous obstacles in a manner reminiscent of competition game shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle, which was rebranded as comedy program MXC when shown to Western audiences.

New obstacle course challenges coming to CSGO

Some of the challenges include clearing hurdles, timing jumps over a sweeper, and avoiding falling boulders while running uphill. There are even surfing sections that force players to slide and jump from one precarious incline to the next.

That said, this is still CSGO, so there is some gunplay involved. The clip shows players gunning each other down towards the end of the race with a UMP, MP9, and SSG 08 sniper rifle. The creator discussed this in a thread on Reddit.

“Guns are rare and have only two bullets, most of the time you get frost grenades,” developer Sniper13g said. “In my opinion guns make it more interesting, otherwise it would be another KZ or course map. But we will see! It’s beta and many things may be changed.”

Sniper13g did not offer an exact release date, but did say on Reddit that it will arrive on the Steam Workshop “soon.” Interested fans can follow Deathrunners on Steam as well as on Twitter to stay in the loop on future progress and updates.


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