DansGaming takes break from streaming to be with ill mother

By Olivia Richman


Jul 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch partner DansGaming is canceling his upcoming streams to spend more time with his terminally ill mother. 

DansGaming tweeted earlier today that he was leaving streaming for a bit to “say goodbye” to his mom. He ended the tweet with a crying emoji. The streaming community immediately rallied behind DansGaming, offering their support during a terrible time. Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar told DansGaming that he was hoping for the best. 

The heartbreaking tweet came after another emotional post from DansGaming three hours earlier. The variety streamer told his fans on the morning of July 2 that he was “bracing” himself for news from his mother’s doctors. The tweet seemed to indicate that doctors were evaluating his mother’s condition and providing an update on her prognosis. 

DansGaming’s mother has been dealing with cancer for a few years now. He first opened up about the upsetting news in 2019, telling his fans that her cancer treatments weren’t working and that the process had bankrupted his parents. 

“She often reads my Twitter if you guys have any kind words of encouragement for her,” DansGaming said at the time, sharing a link for fans to donate towards her treatment. 

DansGaming has kept fans up-to-date on news regarding his mother’s health. In 2020, DansGaming shared that her medication was not working. He told fans that doctors were “switching drugs” to see if a new combination would have better results. Unfortunately, her health continued to decline. 

Fans will surely be disappointed that DansGaming is stepping away from streaming. He often has a packed schedule where he plays a variety of games. But the reason is understandable to many in the streaming community. It’s unclear how long DansGaming will be gone but his fans will continue to support him during his time off. 


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