D1, Keitaro, Static Manny, Noel Brown face sex assault allegations

By Olivia Richman


Jul 3, 2020

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Big names in the Super Smash Bros. and fighting game competitive scenes have been accused of rape and sexual assault over the past few days, and it seems like it’s only the beginning. 

Kaitlyn “KTDominate” Redeker accused commentator and pro player D’Ron “D1” Maingrette of raping her in 2016. It was her 18th birthday at the Smash the Record event. 

“I was raped. I’ve never been brave, and I’ve never spoken out, but I’m hurting. I’ve been hurting for years and here is my courage of coming out,” KTDominate started. 

D1 had asked her to dance and then allegedly told her to come with him to his hotel room. KTDominate stated that she regrets following him and “leaving those trying to protect [her].”

“The next moment that I remember? I’m somehow having sex with D1. Full penetrative sex. And the next flash that I remember? Vomiting. Everywhere. Profusely sick. Alcohol and a blood glucose level probably in the 700’s. I was terrified. I don’t remember kissing him, getting undressed, none of that. But I was naked and vomiting and suddenly I then black out completely,” KTDominate wrote. 

KTDominate then alleges that D1 “bragged” about “fucking” her, calling her a “cheap whore that got passed around the community.” He later gave her a “half assed apology” and she decided to stay silent for the sake of her boyfriend and the Smash community. 

“I hate young me for silencing myself. I should have been brave. I should have been angry. I deserved closure. I deserve closure now. But D1… for you to tweet ‘yo’ at 2:30 in the morning as if you’re surprised that so many of your friends are like you and are being outed for things… just like YOU did? YOU should have stayed silent. Not me. It never should’ve been me,” KTDominate stated. 

Some in the Smash community questioned the validity of KTDominate’s story. Her boyfriend, MVD, later cleared up some points in her story. Soon after, D1 also posted an apology to her. He claimed that he was completely drunk and didn’t remember any of what happened that night. 

“To reiterate, I couldn’t consent to the act on my part, and everyone that knows me knows that I am not that kind of person. MVD was a great mediator and assisted with setting up the opportunity to clear the air. I could not provide a truth beyond what happened prior and after her being in my hotel room, all I could do was validate her feelings and apologize in the end,” D1 wrote in a TwitLonger

The competitive Smash community didn’t take fondly to this explanation, with many people telling him that alcohol isn’t an excuse and that he should stop drinking.

Popular Smash pro Eric “ESAM” Lu also backed KTDominate up and condemned D1’s apology. 

D1 accused of sexual harassment by Smash community members

A woman named Daycia then came forward with her own accusations against D1. The woman claimed to have left Smash in 2017 because of the sexual and mental abuse she suffered while a part of the community. 

Daycia stated that she became good friends with D1 in 2014. But he soon became “touchier and more flirtatious” even when she rejected him. When they split a hotel room for a Smash event in California, Daycia recalled D1 suddenly getting naked when it was time to get into bed that night. 

“I thought it was strange and I did feel uncomfortable, but it was him room and I didn’t have a place to go. Maybe it would be okay, we are friends right? He knows I am not interested and wouldn’t try anything, right? We will just sleep, right? So we are in the bed on opposite sides, him naked and me fully clothed. As I tried to fall asleep, D1 would approach me with his body. I told him I was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to do anything. He pouted, but after a while he gave-up and went to sleep,” Daycia stated.

After that night, D1 acted differently towards her, becoming very cold. She stated that it was “emotional manipulation” because she wouldn’t sleep with him. 

For many people, this story solidifed that D1 was most likely guilty of what he did to both women. 

Daycia accuses other Smash community members of sexual harassment, assault

Daycia stated that D1 was with known sexual harasser Noel Brown, Keitario, and other top commentators at Genesis 2017. She recalled them being “all over one girl” who Daycia felt was obviously drunk. She watched as they tried to get her into the bathroom and close the door behind them. When she tried to speak up, she said she was kicked out. 

“Afterwards, Noel Brown came out, harassing me verbally and threatening me. Combo Breaker the year before, he attempted to try and get sexual with me, some guy I never met. I told only a couple of top Smash players at the time, but I guess they told him that I spoke to them about it. The thing is, sexual predators STICK together. I felt betrayed. People who are friends with D1, I guarantee you they did something similar, and they all STICK together. They have each other’s backs and keep quiet about any sexual harassment,” Daycia said. 

At CEO 2017, Daycia said that she hung out with pro player Static Manny and some other friends. At one point, Daycia decided to go for a walk after being harassed by an individual at the gathering. Static Manny followed her, she said, and while she was talking to him about her experience with sexual harassment he tried to kiss her. 

“I was SOO upset, because I always talk to him about my constant abuse within the community and here I am, vulnerable, and he tries to do something to me. Afterwards, he would message me constantly on FB and Twitter,” Daycia explained.

That was the final straw for her.

“After that, I knew for sure I can’t trust anyone in the community anymore. I was constantly being harassed and I felt there was genuinely no safe space. No one to talk to. No one to confide in. I quit Smash and never looked back,” Daycia said. 

She noted that she feels she can’t trust anybody anymore. 


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