Cube Monsters Invade Fortnite’s Battle Royal

By Milo Webb


Oct 26, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

Epic Games is celebrating the Halloween season by unleashing hordes of the undead upon unsuspecting players.

Patch 6.20 has added another holiday themed game mode appropriately titled “Fortnitemares.” In this mode, players must fight against other survivors while also fending off waves of undead AI called “cube monsters.”

These monsters come in two types. The more common and less durable variant are known as fiends. The second are the brutes, which are larger and tougher to kill than their smaller counterparts. Both versions grant a small amount of shield restoration upon defeat, and have a chance to drop a random piece of loot.

These husks are spawned from cube fragments, some of which appear randomly while others can be more predictably found near the areas around the map’s floating island. The fragments can be destroyed, but the process takes a considerable amount of time during which another player might ambush their occupied opponent.

Fortnitemares also sees the return of the retired crossbow weapon, now called the “fiend hunter crossbow.” The weapon was removed from the Battle Royale mode in season four but remained in Save the World.

Epic Games will also be adding Halloween content to Save the World. The Transylvania-themed location Hexsylvania will be returning along with new limited time quests, skins, heroes, and a new weapon set.

Battle Pass members will be given the chance to complete five different challenges. First, players must hunt down 200 cube monsters. 5000 damage must then be dealt to these undead monstrosities to finish the second challenge. Next players will need to visit a corrupted area in seven separate matches. Lastly, players must dance at five different gargoyle statues scattered across various locations on the map.

After accomplishing these tasks, players will be rewarded with a glider in the form of a comical flying ghost train.

Fortnitemares will continue through November 26.


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