CSGO’s Warhammer sticker capsules have some awesome scrapes

Nick Johnson • June 27, 01:52

With the release of every CSGO sticker capsule comes the chance for them to contain hidden patterns, and the Warhammer 40K capsule is the latest to have a few hidden surprises.

Warhammer 40K is a tabletop game, and its crossover with CSGO surprised many players. That said, there are definitely fans of both universes that appreciated the attention to detail that these new stickers showed off. That goes doubly so for the patterns that emerge from CSGO’s Warhammer stickers when players scrape them. From the Ultramarines insignia to the slow and creeping destruction hinted at by the Necron sticker, there’s something for every Warhammer fan in this CSGO sticker capsule.

Warhammer 40K Ultramarine keychain CSGO sticker is a great for the AK

The Eldar-themed “War Calls” can scrape to reveal the alien’s famous symbol, while “There Is Only War” reveals the insignia of the most famous of Warhammer 40K’s Space Marine chapters, the Ultramarines. The Ultramarines actually get double the love in the Warhammer 40K CSGO sticker capsule, with an Ultramarines’ helmet on a key chain scraping down to reveal a deviously grinning bomb. Despite the Ultramarines being known for their uptight and straight art of warfare, the smirking bomb feels like an inside joke at their expense.

Because of that little in-joke, the sticker goes great on just about any AK-47.

“Heresy,” “Tank,” and “WAAAGH!” sticker scrapes spice CSGO weapons

The next three stickers from the capsule feature logos for Warhammer 40K’s infamous Inquisition, the Chaos Space Marines, and of course, the Orcs. By scraping “Heresy” stickers, players can reveal the Imperial Aquilia, the symbol of the Warhammer universe’s immortal God-Emperor. Scraping “Tank” reveals the seven points of Chaos, and a few scrapes of the Orc “WAAAAGH!” sticker unveils both the Orc symbol and their the sound of their infamous guns in Warhammer lore, “Dakka, Dakka, Dakka.”

“Full Buy,” “The Great Devourer,” and “tTheir number is Legion” are the best Warhammer CSGO sticker scrapes

These are our personal favorites out of the CSGO Warhammer 40K sticker pack, particularly because of the Necron sticker. In the Warhammer 40K universe, the Necros are a race of machines that simply don’t stop conquering in the name of their gods. It has an awesome variation of greens, making it a perfect fit on the Shattered Web collection’s AWP | Containment Breach. Check it out.

Out of the remaining two stickers, “Full Buy” is a solid inside joke to any CSGO fan who’s heard the famous “Rush B” call from a teammate right before they go off and lurk for the easy rotate kills. Finally, “The Great Devourer” honors the Tyranid swarm, revealing their distinctive logo after a couple of scrapes. While “Full Buy” could look good on any of CSGO’s blue weapons, “The Great Devourer” looks fantastic on the MAC-10 | Disco.

Overall, there are some good scrapes available to fans of both or either Warhammer 40K and CSGO. Even though the crossover caught many fans off guard, it’s great to see such variation in color and design in a Counter-Strike sticker capsule.

Even better, the scrapes are easy to obtain. While they’re still a bit random, all of the scrapes shown above are the final scrape. This means that players trying to get the perfect scrape know exactly how many times to scrape it, since CSGO alerts users when they’re at the last stage. They’re easy, they’re cool, and they fit CSGO’s theme perfectly.


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