CSGO’s “wallhack” smoke bug is back and as terrible as ever

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Despite being the top first-person shooter in its category, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has its fair share of bugs. Players are once again calling on Valve to address a game-breaking bug that has existed for years.

CSGO player base is no stranger to glitches and bugs, but some issues are plain annoying. They go away for a while but have a decent chance of returning in any new patch. Players are once again encountering the see-through smoke glitch in CSGO and are hoping for Valve to fix it.

Valve’s shooter rarely ever has new bugs. Most of the issues are old ones that keep returning after updates. Unfortunately, the developer seemingly hasn’t been overly concerned with these issues. Despite many reports, some glitches have become part of the game to an extent where players have learned to work around them. Tired of filing reports, players have found ways to skirt annoying bugs. This smoke wallhack is another one on the litany of player complaints.

The true purpose of a smoke grenade is to completely cover an angle by blocking enemy sight to force them back or into a risky situation However, this bug makes smoke useless as players can still see the enemies’ silhouette. A Redditor shared a clip in which he dropped a regular A-long door smoke to block an angle. When a counter-terrorist tried pushing through it, they were instantly punished as their model was visible long before the smoke faded.

Few were surprised at this game-breaking bug, as it has been an on-and-off part of the game for as long as players can remember. It’s not a consistent issue but can be triggered randomly, providing a massive advantage to the player holding an angle. The pusher instantly gets shot down as the enemy on the other end has a clear sight on the enemy.

The developer hasn’t previously acknowledged this issue. Similar glitches like walk-crouch inaccuracy, god mode, and water-audio bugs haven’t been completely patched up despite many reports. These are all significant issues that may require a lot of work on the developer’s end.

While Valve hasn’t been responsive regarding these issues in the past, players are hopeful that this might change. Recently, the developer has been rolling consistent patch updates, which has players hopeful that the long-standing bugs will end up on Valve’s radar this time.

Until then, stay cautious of the CSGO smokes. They might fail to protect you.