CSGO update changes colors of two Agents, changes Overpass and Mirage

By Nick Johnson


Dec 14, 2019

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest patch has changed the coloring of two agent skins from Operation Shattered Web.

The CSGO update specifically alters 3rd Commando Company “Two Times” McCoy and the unnamed Seal Team 6 Soldier. The development team said that they had darkened both the agents in order to make them stand out more against certain backgrounds.

The agents highlighted in orange are the new versions that were released with today’s update.

Valve has only fixed three models that are hard to see in CSGO

Operation Shattered Web delivered a number of different changes to the game, including the ability to customize player models using skins. While the new wrinkle to the game was received reasonably well, some of the skins were difficult to see in certain areas as players camouflaged into bushes and other props. Since then, many third-party tournament organizers have banned players from using the altered skins in competitions.

Valve has been largely quiet regarding this issue and has been slow to change the troublesome skins. Though a total of three have now been changed, some remain unaltered despite these continuing issues.

Valve has been tackling this problem by changing the maps as well. This latest update changed Overpass by “pruning some shrubbery.” This follows several meme videos regarding spots on the map that allowed players to very effectively camouflage into walls and other areas.

That said, it is unlikely that these troubles will be remedied in a timely manner as Valve has been slow to address these issues, and the phrase “Valve time” was coined specifically in reference to how slowly the developer sometimes moves. There is also no word on whether the publisher plans to add any sort of client-side ability to see the default skins.

Alongside the changes to the skins and Overpass was the fix of a pixel gap on Mirage. This came following a surprising play by Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson during the BLAST Global Finals where he was able to snipe an opponent in connector through the boxes in triple thanks to a very small window between some of the props.

Finally, a number of other small changes were made fixing a crash related to drawing on maps and a problem with storage containers.

The full patch notes can be found on the official CSGO blog.


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