CSGO update brings changes to Cache, as well as Swamp, Mutiny

By Nick Johnson


Aug 27, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest update changed its two newest maps, Swamp and Mutiny, while also fixing several bugs on the popular Cache.

CSGO’s latest update made improvements to Swamp, with developers focusing on improving the map’s performance and overall gameplay flow. Swamp saw the most impactful changes in the update, with a brand new radar texture added as well as the addition of a new path that players can use to quickly move from the map’s middle area to its raised center bridge area.

The headshot angles that made players difficult to see behind the map’s many boats were also changed. By raising the terrain underneath the offending boats, players’ heads can be more easily picked out from the map’s green backgrounds.

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A few bug fixes for Swamp also came through. Since its release, the map occasionally wouldn’t display the splash sprites when a player walked through the wet and swampy parts of Swamp. After the update, these now display correctly. Additionally, developers lowered the sound of its background noise substantially. At its previous volume, the croaking frogs and various other sounds could be loud enough to cover the footsteps of enemies and CSGO’s distinctive grenade sounds.

Even with the map’s alterations, this change has the largest potential to affect how the map plays. With player-triggered sound effects like pulling the pin on a grenade now clearly audible, players should be caught off guard on the map less often.

Mutiny gets visibility changes, timing fixes that benefit CT side

Mutiny was released alongside Swamp in the game’s July update, and it also saw several changes in this patch. Developers have made several adjustments to its gameplay flow, focusing particularly on the map’s readability. Mutiny’s color scheme and lighting sometimes made picking out enemy players with Agent skins hard to do against the map’s vibrant backgrounds. To help fix this, the environment’s lighting was slightly changed to help players better distinguish friend from foe.

They also removed some of the vines and foliage from the wall on A site. Now, characters stand out clearly against the wall instead of blending into it. That particular wall was changed again, with adjustments to its angle and height to allow players to engage enemies around it easier. 

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The largest gameplay change was the shifting of T spawn further away from the bombsites. WIN.gg’s coverage of the map’s release noted that its spawn positions meant that engagements between players happened very quickly. This often put the CT side at a disadvantage as it had less time to set up its site defenses than on other maps. With T spawn’s new position, CTs should have a few extra moments before a site hit can come in. Developers have also added some areas of cover and removed others, mixing up the map’s established positions. 

The update to Mutiny included a reduction to the damage wall bangs do through the B door as well as the addition of bomb respawn spots that find their way outside the map. A second change to A’s rock formation that allows for more grenade options was also made.

Cache fixes molotov exploit, broken door bugs

Finally, developers took aim at Cache. The list of changes to the popular map is small, but includes fixes for two game-breaking bugs that players have experienced on the map. The first change finally fixed models appearing through textures when standing in a molotov in the dark. Sometimes players could be seen through walls due to the interaction between some shadows and a molotov’s flames, especially when caught in the cubby under T boost. Now the cubby’s molotov should function as developers intended and not as an inadvertant wall hack.

The second is a fix for an issue where players could become stuck in A site’s door, unable to move or interact with the door to free themselves. This is a Counter-Strike bug dating back to the game’s early iterations, made famous by this video. Warning: It’s loud.

The map’s soundscapes were reenabled after being turned off for an undisclosed reason, and Cache’s navigation mesh, used by bots to move around the map, was also updated.

While none of these maps are currently in CSGO’s esports pool, all are available for play in at least one of CSGO’s game modes. Players can visit CSGO’s official blog for the full update log.


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