CSGO update adds 3 new music kits, fan-favorite sticker capsule

By Nick Johnson


Mar 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Thursday’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update added three new music kits for players to purchase on top of a new sticker capsule featuring poorly-drawn versions of CSGO’s agents.

CSGO’s March 18 update was a happy surprise for fans, especially now that the game’s latest operation, Operation Broken Fang, is in its final days. The update introduced some fun new content with the highlight being a Hades music kit by Darren Korb, taken from the popular hack-and-slash title of the same name released last September. The kit is available for free to any player that has logged five or more hours in Hades.

Longtime players should recognize the other kits featured in the update, with both already having released replacement music for Valve’s shooter. Neck Deep’s second music kit, called The Lowlife Pack, was also released with the update alongside the sophomore kit from SCARLXRD, “CHAIN$AW.LXADUT.

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CSGO favorite stickers finally make their way in-game

But the biggest news to come out of Thursday’s update was the brand new “Poorly Drawn” Capsule featuring artwork from HH110011HH. At the beginning of 2020, CSGO’s new Twitter account suddenly featured caricatures of CSGO’s agents and bots by HH110011HH, with more featured as the game’s profile picture since then.

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The illustrations were immediately popular with fans, as many CSGO diehards called for the drawings to be made into a sticker capsule. Over a year after HH110011HH’s drawings first appeared, Valve has finally released a sticker pack containing the drawings to CSGO’s fan base. The capsule features ten different drawings of CSGO’s agents, including FBI Special Agent Eva, CSGO’s famous chicken, and the Broken Fang favorite Number K,  affectionately known to the CSGO community as “Condom Man.”

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CSGO’s latest customization options are available in CSGO’s main menu store, with each music kit costing $4.99 for its regular version and $7.99 for the MVP-tracking StatTrak versions. The Poorly Drawn capsule is also available from CSGO’s main menu for the affordable price of $0.99 apiece.