CSGO terms and phrases

CSGO terms and phrases that everyone should learn

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 25, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most-played first person shooters. It’s not surprising that loyal players have whipped up their own “gaming lingo” to communicate over the years.

The FPS genre was all about CSGO before modern shooters arrived. Valve’s tactical game continues to rule the scene nine years after release thanks to a dedicated player base. Those who’re just getting started with CSGO might find it tough to settle in. Learning the language of FPS players may help them fit in better. 

We have compiled a list of common CSGO terms and phrases and their meaning that everyone should know. 

Common CSGO terms and phrases and what they mean

212 – A strategy where four players are split into two sites and the remaining watches mid. 

1G – When a player accidentally dies to their own molotov. This is a meme reference from Jaryd “summit1g” Lazaris bad molotov DreamHack Austin in 2016.

Glass canon – When a player buys an AWP with no armor. 

Jiggle peak – Quickly pressing ADAD from behind a wall to peek at an opponent holding an angle. 

Dualies – Short for Dual Berretas.

Eco – Saving money after losing a full-buy round. 

Anchor – A player who’s in charge of one site and only rotates when necessary. 

Anti-flash – Facing a wall or solid object to dodge opponent’s or team’s flashes. 

Bait – Playing tricks on enemies to lure them into a crosshair. For example, jiggle-peeking, dropping a decoy, or using a teammate to distract them. 

Bhop – A movement performed by pressing the jump and control key to reach destinations quicker and quietly. 

Boost – Jumping on top of a teammate to peak unusual angles. 

Banana – The long alley in Inferno that leads to B site. All extended paths that lead to the map’s B site are often called Banana. 

Crossfire – When two players watch the same angle from the opposing side to sandwich an enemy. 

Collat – When you get multiple kills with a single bullet. 

Counter-strafe – A movement performed by quickly pressing ADAD during an aim fight. 

Drop – Buying a weapon for a teammate or dropping them yours during the game. 

Dry peek – Peeking enemies without any utility. 

Exit frag – Waiting to kill after the round is over to damage the enemy’s economy and drop their weapons. 

EZ – Short for an “easy game.”

Flank – When opponents try to kill from the backlines. 

GG – Short for “good game.” 

GLHF – Short for “good luck, have fun.” 

GH – Short for a “good half.”

NT – Short for “nice try.” 

N1 – Short for “nice one.”

Fake – Hitting one bomb site to clear another one. 

Grief – When a player purposefully plays badly to lose. 

Hand Cannon – Another word for Desert Eagle. 

Juan Deag –  Getting a one-tap headshot kill with Deagle. 

Kobe – Getting a kill with a grenade. 

Molly – Short for molotov or incendiary. 

OT – Short for “overtime.”

Pre-fire – Pre-aiming a predictable angle and shooting before the enemy could react. 

Rekt – When enemies wipe out an entire team within the first few seconds of the round. 

Smurf – When a high skilled player plays in low-ranked lobbies

Strat – Short for “strategy.”

W-Gaming – When a player rushes blindly without checking corners. W refers to the forward key

Tilt – Getting angry after a bad outcome. 

Throw – Purposefully playing bad. 

Volvo – Community name for Valve. 

Whiff – Missing an easy shot. 


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