CSGO streamer banned for shaving private parts live on Twitch

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Who could have thought that shaving your most private parts live on stream could get you banned?

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer is now banned on Twitch after trimming his pubic hair live on stream. It’s not known if the scandal was intentionally done to garner attention or done on accident, but Twitch staff swiftly responded with a ban. While Twitch allows streamers to show some skin, getting entirely naked to shave naught bits is a clear violation of the rules. Who knew?

The account csgoambi is a relatively new streamer who focuses entirely on CSGO. According to Twitch Tracker, he began streaming the game in the middle of 2021. During a stream on January 27, 2022, the player just finished up a ranked match before turning his attention elsewhere. We won’t show the full clip here, but he turned around for a moment and returned to the stream with a personal hair trimmer. csgoambi started by adjusting his chest and stomach hair before unexpectedly unbuttoning his pants. He then proceeded to drop his trousers and begin mowing the lawn. 

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Displays of real nudity are strictly against Twitch’s terms of service. The length of csgoambi’s ban is unknown, but it will most likely be permanent. While shaving one’s privates violates the rules, other forms of shaving or body modification are allowed to be shown on Twitch. Tattooing streams, for example, are completely appropriate for the platform.

The incident is sure to inflame critics of Twitch who complain about the streaming platform’s inconsistent guidelines for banning streamers, as decisions often seem to be made based on how popular a streamer is. If such favoritism does exist, csgoambi clearly wasn’t big enough to make the cut.