CSGO streamer Anomaly accidentally reveals face during stream

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 26, 2021

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Anomaly is best known for opening CSGO knives, freaking out about them, and staying completely anonymous the entire time. That last bit flew out the window during his most recent stream.

The YouTube and Twitch star planned for a massive live stream where he would open over 4,000 CSGO cases in one 24-hour sitting. The stream is part of a sponsorship deal with CSGO skin trading website Skinbaron. However, a mistake with OBS revealed Anomaly’s face right at the beginning of the broadcast.

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Put simply, Anomaly looks like a completely normal dude. His short haircut and aviator-style glasses wouldn’t stick out on any street corner in Sweden and unsurprisingly, he bears a striking resemblance to his father who has appeared on a number of occasions. Anomaly managed to keep his look secret for 14 years. His first YouTube video was published in 2007, though it was a far cry from his current CSGO content.

Anomaly has appeared on camera before in his videos, but usually wearing a balaclava to obscure his face. He also uses the Shy Guy from the Super Mario series to represent himself. He deleted the original Twitch clip before restarting his sponsored stream but the moment was immediately clipped and distributed across every social media site imaginable.

Anomaly is best-known for his massive unboxing videos for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His determination and entertaining reactions have earned him over 3 million YouTube subscribers. Anomaly’s 24-hour Twitch stream has peaked at over 11,000 viewers. Anomaly is among the most influential streamers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive despite not having any background in professional play. 


At the time of writing, he’s currently opened around 1,200 cases with four knives, 12 reds, and 40 pinks. His stream will provide one of the largest sample sizes for determining the odds of CSGO cases. 


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