CSGO Shattered Web Week 12 Mission Guide: Glocks, drones, and MVPs

By Nick Johnson


Feb 5, 2020

Reading time: 5 min

Shattered Web’s week 12 missions and challenges are live on the Counter-Strike Global Offensive client right now, and there are some fun missions hidden among the ones fans have seen before.

Like always, there are six missions included this week.  The normal six stars are also up for grabs. Here’s the list of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s missions for Week 12 of Shattered Web.

  • Down and to the Right: “Get 5 kills with the Galil AR or Famas in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma”
  • To Scope or Not to Scope: “Get 14 SG 553 Kills in Guardian: Agency”
  • Choo Choo!: “Get 1 Kill with the Glock-18 in Competitive: Train.”
  • How Rude…: “Destroy 2 enemy drones in Danger Zone.”
  • Plant, or Do It the Hard Way: Earn 3 MVP’s in a single Competitive: Inferno match.
  • Not so Fast: Get a kill streak of two or more in five rounds in Casual Defusal Group Delta

CSGO’s Shattered Web Week 12 Missions and Challenges Guide

Down and to the Right – Casual Game Mode

Referencing the beginning part of the weapons’ spray patterns, down and to the right shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. A challenge that takes place in a Casual map group requires something unfortunate.

Buying a Famas for a challenge when you can afford an M4 just feels wrong, but from the past several weeks, we’d wager that few really enjoy the game mode anyway. Recent buffs to the bullet spread and accuracy make these weapons easier to use, but the Galil still struggles to impress. For this one, click on fifteen heads until you’re done.

Choo Choo! – Competitive Game Mode

Valve might be messing with fans here, but Choo Choo! awards two stars for getting a single kill with the Glock 18. There really isn’t much we can say about this one other than spend a few minutes a pistol-only DM and try to outshoot the FACEIT 10s.

This might be Valve’s cheeky way of letting us know there’s a buff on the way, but the company is more than likely poking fun at fans, players, and itself with this one. There was even a petition to fix the Glock in 2016.

In all seriousness, the Glock isn’t that bad. Okay, it is bad, but the weapon has a sweet spot. The trick isn’t to spam all the time, it’s to spam at the right time.

How many times has a call gone out on CT pistol where the player in sniper’s calls, “I’m gushed mid”? More than once, because the Glock is reasonably accurate, rewards aggressiveness more than the USP due to its high rate of fire, and can do serious damage against unarmored targets.

If all else fails, have your team hit outer while you lurk at the top of popdog. The guy rotating from B while thinking he’s making a 200 IQ play won’t check for you. Burst for total domination.

How Rude… – Danger Zone

This might be the best challenge Valve has released so far. With so little ammo to go around, Danger Zone players know that it’s normally not worth wasting it on a drone that has a flashbang. This week, however, the hills will be alive with the sound of gunfire as everyone tries to blow the zippy little robots out of the sky. The best part is, everyone will likely miss.


A rifle is obviously your best bet, but an early Desert Eagle buy can work as well. The drones are erratic, sometimes making them difficult targets. Stick it out, don’t waste your ammo, and creep steadily around Black Site looking for rotor blades, not heads.

Plant, or Do It the Hard Way

As we mentioned last week, the easiest way to an MVP is to be the one who planted a detonated bomb. Grab one every chance you get, because the title of this challenge is on the money.

MVP’s are calculated using kills, ADR, and various other statistics that overcomplicate this point. Just plant the bomb!

If you can clutch it out without punching in the numbers, go for it. That said, getting that bomb down on site is practically a guaranteed MVP. 

The catch is players need three in the same game, which is going to be difficult for some. Our best advice? Get together a group of friends and feed each other kills or bomb plants. A little teamwork goes a long way, and players probably won’t find that in solo queue.

Week 12 Guardian Mission tips

This week’s guardian mission takes place on Agency where players will try to prevent both CTs and Heavy CTs from stealing a single hostage.

Our run was fairly easy, especially with the tried-and-true strategy using everyone’s best friend, the Negev. Stunlocking the Heavy CTs and mowing down the rank and file troops is invaluable when they’re coming from all directions at once.

If one player stands against the T spawn wall by stairs, they can soften up the enemy for the other player saving for the SG. Take the time to listen, as the lumbering Heavies are much slower and louder than their counterparts. Kiting them around is a viable option, but holding mouse one with 100 rounds at your disposal is a thing of beauty.

Here’s the kicker, though. Valve wrote some new strats for the bots to work out for this one.

  • “StratAtrium”
  • “StratLobby”
  • “StratUpOffice”

Just for fun, here’s a snippet of the decision tree:

  • type = “subtree”
  • file = “scripts/ai/modules/bt_memorize_noises.kv3”
  • name = “MemorizeNoises”
  • // record the nearest memorized event to investigate

Bots will start to get much harder in the coming months with these advancements, especially with CSGO’s growing popularity and the high chance that Valve will switch to a Battle Pass Model.

CSGO patch 2/3/30 adjusts Danger Zone’s Jungle Map

In other news, Jungle has gotten some much-needed improvements. Valve added new buildings to Danger Zone’s Jungle map, as well as fixing more places that players could fall through the map. Additionally, Valve tweaked several other features on Jungle, suggesting it might play role this week or as Shattered Web winds down

  • Jungle
  • Reworked radio tower (only two first floors are accessible now)
  • Added some new buildings near “beta”, “APC”, “radio tower”, “Charlie”
  • improved clipping across the map
  • more covers props have been added in some places, to make the map less open
  • added more loot crates
  • Updated map overview
  • Fixed many community bug reports
  • Reduced grass size
  • Reduced fog density
  • Changed lighting in some areas

As for the technical jargon, Valve has added Greek, Español-Latinoamérica, and Vietnamese languages as options in CSGO. The developer has also added a “Languages” tab for users to switch languages inside the client. It’s a welcome change for those who speak more than one language or share an account with someone else. Tweaks to the voting UI and fixes for unlocalized UI strings were made as well.


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