CSGO records sudden drop in players as Valorant beta goes live

Nick Johnson • May 26, 2020 10:38 pm

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recorded its first drop in players since October 2019, according to Steam tracking website SteamCharts.

The drop in players lines up almost exactly with the release of Valorant, Riot Games’ debut entry into the first-person shooter genre and a direct competitor to CSGO.

There isn’t necessarily a reason for CSGO fans to panic. Counter-Strike is still pulling in over one million active players per day nearly nine years after its release. The game has exploded in popularity in recent months, with CSGO breaking the long-time second-place record for most players in-game at once originally held by Dota 2. But there’s no denying that Valorant has already made an impact on CSGO.

Valorant steals CSGO players, but summit1g is done with it

Valorant’s popularity has been growing, especially since developers announced that the game will move from a “closed beta” phase to a full release on June 2. The game has already had a large effect on Counter-Strike, especially in the pro scene. The past several weeks have seen many lower-tier pro CSGO players announce that they are making the switch to Riot Games’ new shooter.

Valorant is meant to be a cross between Overwatch and CSGO. Players compete in a five-versus-five game mode that requires one team to plant a bomb at a bomb site while the other team defends.

Valorant hasn’t been without its detractors however, especially when it comes to the game’s early maps. An excellent breakdown on the shooter’s play spaces was recently commented on by streamer a Twitch personality Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar as he explained why he lost interest in Valorant.

Another reason why CSGO might have lost some players is fans’ renewed interest in Dota 2. Valve’s MOBA just released the 2020 Battle Pass for TI10, and people are flocking back to the game in droves. Readers can check out our coverage on the newest version of the Dota 2 battle pass here.


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