CSGO pro ropz’s PC crashes close to winning, team loses the big game

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 18, 2021

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Disconnecting in the middle of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rank-up game can indeed be testing for your nerves. CSGO pro Robin “ropz” Kool dealt with the common mid-game PC crash issue, except it wasn’t a regular competitive game. 

mousesports’ journey in ESL Pro League 13 has been bumpy, and ropz disconnecting at 14-14 scoreline only made matters worse. The team has established a firm spot alongside the world’s best teams, with some of the youngest players. Despite their victorious past, the team had a rough start to ESL Pro League Season 13, losing to ENCE and then FaZe Clan. The dexter-led roster had a fair shot against Team Vitality that has recently lost its Dust 2 specialist Nivera, but ropz’s computer had different plans. 

The CSGO pro disconnected at the end of a game that could warrant their first win in ESL Pro League Season 13. It wasn’t just another group stage match as mousesports needed to outplay Team Vitality to stay in the game. Unlike previous matches, the team stood a chance on Team Vitality’s pick Dust 2. A doable score of 14-14 shone on board when the team’s best rifler ropz’s PC left him high and dry. 

The player stayed in the Counter-Terrorists base for a while when casters and Team Vitality realized the technical issue. PC crashes, ping issues, and other technical inconveniences are common in pro games, which is why players always have an option to have the round restarted. Unfortunately for ropz, the two teams had already picked up a duel, and damage had been done, which ruled out a restart.

Ropz looked visibly stressed out in the players’ camera as he sat back and watched his team wing it through their final shot at gaining sufficient points in ESL Pro League Season 13. 

While the incident was unfortunate, a wholesome interaction between ropz and Dan “apEX” Madesclaire during the game has been making the rounds. As soon as ropz reconnected, apEX proposed a restart, but the rules revoked the request. Team Vitality’s captain apologized for the mishap and said that he “feels bad” for the team.

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Can you rejoin a competitive CSGO game?

Technical issues in video games can randomly happen to anyone no matter how buff your PC is, which is why CSGO has a flexible system that allows players to climb rank smoothly. 

If you disconnect from a game due to problems in the machine, power cut, internet issues, you can always rejoin your competitive game. After re-opening the game, players are provided with a green reconnect option to continue the game in-progress. 


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