CSGO pros are already in love with the SG 556 Krieg nerf

By Nick Johnson


Apr 15, 2020

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CSGO’s most powerful weapon was finally nerfed in the latest Counter-Strike patch, and pros around the world have their take on the changes. Most reacted with happiness at the news that the SG 556 had been bumped down a notch by Valve.

Professional players and fans of Counter-Strike might be able to rest a little easier on CT side since the SG 556 has finally been nerfed. With the new lower rate of fire, Valve has toned down the weapon’s close quarters potential that made it a must-buy weapon, but still retained its long-range power. Many pro players and coaches took to Twitter to share their happiness that the developers had finally done something to shake up the T-side meta that came when everyone realized the SG was powerful. Team Liquid’s Nick “nitr0” Cannella, OG’s Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt, and Cloud9’s Josh “oSee” Ohm all seemed pleased with the breaking news.

Fredrick “REZ” Sterner a classic burn for the Terrorist-only weapon:

“cya krieg, you had a good run. NOT,” REZ said.

REZ followed up the tweet with what we imagine everyone was thinking whenever they faced the SG since its reign of terror began:

But the best reaction by far came from FaZe Clan’s Nikola “niko” Kovač. Niko has been critical of the Krieg, going as far as to blame it for what he sees as inferior talent infiltrating the upper levels of Counter-Strike competition. He’s giddy with excitement as he jumps into a server to see how to weapon performed after the nerf.

Niko’s reaction comes after many analysts and pros thought that FaZe Clan’s reluctance to use the scoped weapon as a reason for the team’s poor performances. FaZe Clan head coach Janko “YNk” Paunovic backed up his start player after word of the nerf spread, rewteeting the patch notes and saying “Top 20 players of 2020: NiKo (1).”

The nerf isn’t as destructive to the Krieg as it could have been, but a buff to its scoped counterpart, the AUG, might even out the two weapons. Prior to the AUGs nerf in 2019, it was being purchased almost exclusively over the M4 variants. A nerf to its accuracy and spray pattern gutted the weapon and made room for the SG to take over. Without an affordable, long range counter to the SG, CTs had a difficult time holding off executes. 

If there was ever any doubt as to whether the SG needed a nerf, taking a look at what happened to the attacking team when they had already given up the weapon to the defensive side might change minds. With its high rate of fire, zooming scope, and one-shot headshot capabilities, the weapon was an absolute nightmare to play against.

There’s also the possibility that Valve’s nerf doesn’t got far enough. The weapon’s rate of fire is much slower now, meaning that medium range engagements where both players spray will be won by an M4 or AK, the most problematic aspects of the weapon, namely its 100% first bullet accuracy and one shot potential, still exist. 

We won’t be able to tell how effective the nerf has been until we get to see it in professional players hands at a tournament level. Don’t be surprised if the SG sticks around for awhile longer.


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