CSGO pro Elige upset for not getting an invite to Valorant 10-mans

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 20, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski is not happy with Valorant 10-mans Discord admin Roy “StrongLegs” Ahad.

10-mans servers are a solid platform for pro players to showcase their abilities and compete against other skilled players. These servers are often divided into tiers based on in-game ranks, accomplishments in the relevant esports scene, and skill level. The division helps maintain fairness in all games so that players can hone up their skills in an orderly setting. 

Renegades’ in-game leader was in charge of a similar Discord server for Valorant pros, which was also approved by the developer Riot Games. However, StrongLegs’ Discord 10-man server is under fire after Elige revealed that he didn’t get an invite due to “power tripping” and the admin’s “ego.” 

The drama started when MeL tweeted that StrongLegs is getting hate in his messages for rejecting a voting system that allows famous pros in a 10-mans queue. Her tweet also confirmed that Cloud9 White’s members are part of the server, which didn’t sit right with Elige’s fans since he is one of the best players in CSGO and still got excluded. Considering his experience in FPS games, being turned away from Valorant 10-mans greatly upset him. 

In response, StrongLegs clarified that he’s simply filtering out talent based on their accomplishments in Valorant, a title that Elige doesn’t compete it. However, Elige refuted his comment and claimed that StrongLegs is abusing his power as the admin. 

Elige excluded from Valorant 10-mans discord 

Elige being counted out caused a bit of havoc among the players who’ve seen the pro player in action. Sentinel’s Michael “dapr” Gulino also chipped in and criticized the stance that CSGO’s best player couldn’t partake in Valorant 10-mans, a game that is quite similar to Valorant in terms of mechanics. 

However, StrongLegs remained unruffled as his decision to restrict Elige wasn’t based on skill level. The former admin was striving to keep a fair system to ensure that dedicated Valorant players can queue in a healthy environment.

The situation soon went through the roof after Elige and StrongLegs had a Twitter interaction, leading the Renegades IGL to remove himself from the admin post. The pro player clarified his stance in a detailed post before handing the torch to a new admin. 

“I wasn’t ever against Elige playing. I just thought it would be extremely weird of us to allow him to play before we have established any rules for ‘exceptional players.’ So I revoked his access until we could figure out the inevitable future of other pros from other titles requesting to join the Discord,” StrongLegs said. 

The dust has settled for now but the fans are left confused whether Valorant’s biggest 10-mans Discord server is actually being marred by gatekeeping. 


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