CSGO player creates a GTA style loading screen

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s stark loading screen can look pretty upbeat with a few tweaks, a fan-made teaser proves. 

The current CSGO loading screen features basic guidelines that may help beginners understand the game better. However, older players who have a flair for editing are past that. A Redditor named Ael_YT has created an insane cinematic for CSGO that merges formal agents with GTA’s quirky theme. 

GTA’s visuals have always been ahead of its time with ultra HD cinematics and premium music. The mischievous missions were fun, but it’s the iconic loading screen that left a lasting impression on players. The vibrant cinematics took a long time to load, even on high-end machines, but the soothing music made the wait worth it. 

Players are still hooked on GTA’s visuals as a CSGO player has merged the two together in a nostalgia-triggering clip. Ael_YT’s CSGO loading screen had agents posing with guns on the backdrop of different maps sliding in GTA style. The creator also added a cartoonish effect to all images to make them appear more GTA-like. 

Instead of the classic black screen switch, a green hue shifts into the match. The screen then transitions into a bird’s eye view of the entire map, with agents holding points in the spawn. To add a fun touch, Ael_YT kept the audio for team chat open as the screen switched. All in all, the whole scene looked quite realistic and sat well with the CSGO theme. 

The creator also shared a full link of his edit, which featured clam audio to go with the GTA style cinematic. While it was synced well with the scenes, many Redditors recommended adding legendary San Andreas music to his edit. 

The teaser was indeed a treat for the fans of GTA and CSGO players, but it’s also quite impractical. Many players appreciated the effort but said they’d rather not have it in CSGO due to the long loading time. CSGO’s current loading time is brief for players with high-speed machines, and this one might prolong the time due to HD visuals. 

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