CSGO Operation Riptide week seven mission guide

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Operation Riptide’s week seven will have players skulking around bomb sites and flying through the skies.

Week seven of Operation Riptide is another chance to grab Riptide stars and advance towards that sweet, sweet, platinum Operation coin. Land, Sea, and Air features two of CSGO’s most popular maps and one of its more niche game modes. As always, players can team up with a friend can team up to earn stars through another Guardian mission. Here’s our guide for every mission in week seven of Operation Riptide.

Deathmatch – Dust 2 – Ground Assault

Deathmatch and Dust 2 are a match made in heaven. This mission requires you to get a series of kills in various map locations, starting at Mid Doors and ending in the T spawn area. Completing all ten will earn a single Riptide star, which makes it a good way to reach the weekly maximum of six. Spawn position matters a lot in this mission, so setting up a kill bind could be useful. Just make sure to use it sparingly.

Competitive – Short Match – Mirage

Good ol’ Mirage, nothing beats that! Seriously though, this one is definitely the easiest week seven Riptide mission to complete. Either win 21 rounds across multiple short Mirage matches or just win a single game. Anyone that normally queues for short matches will probably complete this one by accident at some point. The three-star reward should motivate those grinding for stars to load up Mirage right away. Unlike some other Riptide short match missions, the queue time shouldn’t be very long for this.

Guardian – Water Landing

Players with good memories will remember playing on Guardian: Sirocco in week two. The scenario remains the same, but this time players can use any gun they like to score 20 kills and earn two stars. Armored enemies are a pain, but they can be done in with a Zeus without any trouble. Remember that the arches facing the sea have a small collision box at the top, which can be used to pixel walk if the bots start putting up a fight.

Flying Scoutsman – Airdrop

The final week seven Riptide mission provides the “Air” part of the title. Flying Scoutsman lowers the game’s gravity and makes air strafing more effective, but players are limited to just a Scout and a knife. This mission requires players to deal either 1,000 damage across multiple matches or 500 in a single session. Remember that damage over 100 doesn’t contribute to the tracker, so don’t hesitate to spam out body shots looking for the frag.


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