CSGO Operation Riptide week five mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 20, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Operation Riptide is taking it easy for week five, and we can help you to take advantage with some easy stars.

The second month of Operation Riptide has started with a few softballs. The new set of challenges involves several Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game modes, with trips to fan-favorite maps and another Danger Zone checklist. This week’s six-star limit can be reached with just two missions, but all four will get you closer to that blinged-out Riptide profile stamp. Here’s how to complete each challenge for week five of CSGO Operation Riptide.

Danger Zone – County – Scorpion

Week five’s first mission is to complete five different tasks on the Danger Zone map County. The first is to earn cash while your tablet has lost reception. Heading underground will cut your connection, so enter a tunnel and don’t come out empty-handed. The second task is to purchase the Hi Res Tablet Upgrade, which costs $4,250 in the tablet shop. It’s expensive, but you can scrounge for cash or just wait until you stumble upon a batch of cash. You can find automated sentry turrets all over the map. Destroying one will get you one step closer to the three-star reward. 

Activating a C4 at Tourist is probably the hardest task to complete. You’ll need to spawn right in the center of the map and grab an explosive as fast as you can. This might take a couple of tries, but it’s worth it to complete the mission for the three-star reward. To complete the task to deal damage while standing on a rock, simply deal damage while standing on a rock. They’re on the ground.

Competitive – Short Match – Dust 2

This Riptide mission is the easiest, plus it has a nice three-star reward. Queue up for Dust 2 and select the short match feature. Win 21 rounds across your games and the three stars are yours. Usually these missions involve maps with a lower wait time, but this one should still be easy to complete later in the season. The alternative is to earn three round MVPs in a single match, which is difficult to guarantee but possible to do even without trying for it. The first-to-nine match length doesn’t help either. Try to plant the bomb as often as possible on the T side for more round MVPs.

Guardian – Painkiller

Operation Riptide really wants you to play co-op CSGO, and week five is no different. This mission requires you to earn 20 kills with SMGs. Grab a friend, load up Insertion 2, and kill as many bots as your can.

This mission is hostage defense, so bots will try to swarm your location and steal the VIP. The mission sidebar will show you which SMG to use and will count up your kills, which persist between runs. If you have trouble with the armored bomb defuser, remember that a Zeus taser can kill him in one shot.

Arms Race – Hurricane

This final mission is the most tedious of the bunch. You’ll get two Riptide stars for getting 30 headshot kills or by getting 16 in a single match of Arms Race. The map you play on doesn’t matter, but having good crosshair placement is important for scoring headshots.

Arms Race maps tend to have a lot of close quarters, so try to hold odd angles. The best weapons for headshot kills are the AK-47 and shotguns, but you’ll cycle through several guns on the path to completing this mission.