CSGO Operation Riptide week eight mission guide

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You can get your total Operation Riptide stars up to 52 by completing all of week eight’s missions.

The halfway point for Operation Riptide is appropriately titled Midway. Week eight missions are somewhat relaxed this week, and fans of Inferno will have an easy time earning their stars. This week will also have you hop into Arms Race and team up for another Guardian mission. Here’s how to complete every mission for Riptide week eight and earn the maximum stars.

Casual – Inferno – Center Of Mass

Two Operation Riptide week eight missions take place on Inferno. Your first foray to the fan-favorite map involves using utility grenades in special ways. Completing three tasks rewards one star, and completing all five grants another.

The first is to land a smoke at the top of mid. It’s a far sightline, but T players can use a new advanced grenade jump bind to secure the extra distance required. Landing a smoke at banana is easy, and a good tactical choice for both sides to do. A molotov in the same iconic corridor will complete three tasks for the first star. The next two are a little tougher.

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Flashing three opponents is hard to guarantee. The best spot to complete this one is in apartments, where retreats are difficult. Chucking one down mid can also grant easy flashes. 50 grenade damage isn’t as tough to achieve. The best idea is to HE stack banana every round. Just one solid impact will grant your second star.

Competitive – Short Match – Inferno

After showing off the new maps in the early weeks, Operation Riptide is now content to revisit the classics. Short matches on Inferno are incredibly explosive, as each round has a greater impact on the game. Clever lurks and flanks can decide an entire match. No matter how well you play, you can still complete this week eight mission and score three stars. Either win 21 rounds across games or win just one match.

Guardian – Hump Day

Grab a friend and load up Guardian, as CSGO’s cooperative game mode is once again a consistent fixture of Operation Riptide. In this week’s mission, you’ll have to score shotgun kills in a new operation-exclusive map. Insertion II is infamous for its size, and the CSGO bots’ random spawns make good use of it. It can be tough to get shotgun kills in a wide-open map, so try to stay close to cover. As always, grab a taser to deal with the more heavily armored bots.

Arms Race – Bullseye

The final Riptide mission of week eight is meant to spice up your usual deathmatch training exercises. By either upgrading your gun a total of 25 times or getting the final knife level, you’ll unlock two more stars to spend in the Riptide shop.

In Arms Race, players upgrade their guns by scoring kills. Getting knifed knocks you down a rung, so be careful when in close quarters. The knife is the final weapon upgrade, but you don’t actually have to win to fulfill the alternate condition.


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