CSGO Operation Riptide week 16 mission guide

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Say goodbye to Operation Riptide, but say hello to your platinum coin.

If you’ve been following our Operation Riptide mission guides for the past four months, only six stars stand between you and maxing out the newest battle pass for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Week 16 is appropriately titled Riptide!, and it’s effectively a celebration of all the cool things the season has brought to CSGO. Rev up your new Riptide gun and agent skins and earn the final stars for your platinum coin in Operation Riptide week 16.

Competitive – Short Match – Basalt

There’s only one final competitive short match mission left in Riptide. It will be difficult to miss these missions considering they just consist of playing the regular game, but CSGO fans generally appreciate the short match mode. The fact that it launched with ranked matchmaking shows that Valve plans to keep it around for a long time. Load up Basalt and win 21 rounds across multiple games or win just one. No matter which one you choose, you’ll receive half of the six stars remaining to claim your platinum Operation Riptide coin.

Guardian – Overwhelming Current

Once Operation Riptide is over, there won’t be much reason to play Guardian anymore. The final mission in CSGO’s cooperative mode will have you score 25 kills on Source bots. You can use any weapon you want, so one of you should grab an AWP and the other should stick to a rifle. This mission takes place on a suburban street, so accuracy is important. Stick to the porch for easy frags, but look out for armored agents. For the very last time, grab a taser to deal with them quickly and efficiently. Taser kills will actually contribute to the kill count this week, so there’s no reason not to.

Deathmatch – Group Sigma – Pull Away From The Crowd

Players who have already spent stars will have an easy time with this Operation Riptide mission. The goal is to get 100 kills across multiple Group Sigma deathmatch games or 30 in a single match using an agent skin from the Riptide store. These include all of the skins from distinguished to master. Be careful when loading into the map that you select the team you have a skin for. If you plan to save up for a guaranteed red from the 2021 Train collection, just grind out the 100 kills and call it a day.

Casual – Group Delta – Tidal Flow

The final Riptide mission of the final week is remarkably simple. Just queue up for Group Delta maps and score 25 kills in casual. If you already have a weapon from the Operation Riptide score, you can use it to score seven kills and fast-track your way to the two-star reward. Unlike the other Operation Riptide skin mission, this alternate goal can be completed across multiple missions. Scoring less than seven kills in a casual game is more common than you’d think, especially if you join late. Once you’ve tallied up your frags, enjoy the final stars you’ll ever get from Operation Riptide.


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